The SNP's road to Independence                                                              

The National Party of Scotland (NPS) was born on 23 June 1928, followed by the smaller Scottish Party in November 1932. At a meeting in Hillhead, Glasgow on 14 December 1933, they agreed to amalgamate as the SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY.

The SNP was inaugurated on Saturday, 7 April 1934, at its first Annual Conference, held in the St. Andrew's Mid Hall (now part of the Mitchell Library), Granville St., Glasgow. The principal founders were John M. MacCormick, Robert B. Cunninghame Graham, the Duke of Montrose, Roland E. Muirhead, Andrew Dewar Gibb, Tom H. Gibson, Annie S. Swan (Mrs. Burnett Smith),  Duncan H. McNeill,  F. Marian McNeill, Robert Gray,  John M. McNicol,  J. Kevan McDowall,  Harold Browne, Dr. C. Stewart Black,  Robert Hurd,  John L. Kinloch and the party's first leader, Sir Alexander MacEwen.

Picture:  The distinguished line-up of the speakers at the first major rally of the National Party of Scotland, attended by nearly 3,000, at St. Andrew's Hall, Glasgow on 29 Oct. 1928 -- (l-r): Duke of Montrose, Compton Mackenzie, Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, Hugh MacDiarmid (Christopher M. Grieve), James Valentine and John M. MacCormick. 


1934 (20 Apr.) - First SNP public meeting, in the Central Hall, Tollcross, Edinburgh, is addressed by Compton Mackenzie and Oliver Brown.

1934 - SNP headquarters, in Glasgow, moves to 59 Elmbank Street from the former NPS office at 131 West Regent Street.

1935 (16 Apr.) - Perth UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1935 (2 May) - Edinburgh West UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1935 (21 May) - Aberdeen South UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1935 (22 Jun.) - Combined Scottish Universities UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1935 (12 Sep.) - Dumfries-shire UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1935 (14 Nov.) UK General Election. 8 candidates (1.1%). 

1936 (31 Jan.) - Combined Scottish Universities UK Parliamentary by-election. Prof. Andrew Dewar Gibb is 2nd with 31.1% of the vote.

1936 (10 Feb.) - Ross & Cromarty UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1936 (18 Mar.) - Dunbartonshire UK Parliamentary by-election. Robert Gray is 3rd with 6.2% of the vote.

1936 (20 Mar.) - ROBERT B. CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, founder and 1st Hon. President of SNP 1934-36, dead, aged 83.

1936 - Annual National Conference.  Prof. ANDREW DEWAR GIBB is SNP Leader.  Roland E. Muirhead is SNP President.

1936 (26 Nov.) - Greenock UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1937 (10 Jun.) - Glasgow Hillhead UK Parliamentary by-election. John M. MacCormick is 3rd with 8.5% of the vote.

1937 (7 Sep.) -  Glasgow Springburn UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1938 (25 Feb.) - Combined Scottish Universities UK Parliamentary by-election. Prof. Andrew Dewar Gibb is 3rd with 18.2% of the vote.

1938 (21 Dec.) - Kinross & West Perthshire UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1939 (30 Mar.) - Kincardineshire & West Aberdeenshire UK Parliamentary by-election.  Not contested.

1939 (20 Apr.) - South Ayrshire UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1939 (27 May) - Annual National Conference, Edinburgh.

1939 (12 Oct.) - St. Andrew's House, new Scottish Office HQ building, opened in Regent Road, Edinburgh.

1939 (13 Oct.) - Clackmannanshire & East Stirlingshire UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1940 (10 Apr.) - Argyll UK Parliamentary by-election. William Power is 2nd with 37.2% of the vote.

1940 (30 Apr.) - Glasgow Pollok UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1940 (9 May) - East Renfrewshire UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1940 - Annual National Conference.  WILLIAM POWER is SNP Leader.

1940 (5 Jul.) - Montrose Burghs UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1941 (27 Feb.) - Dunbartonshire UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1941 (3 May) - Police raid the homes of Roland E. Muirhead at Lochwinnoch; Arthur Donaldson at Lugton, Ayrshire (who was held without charge for six weeks); Prof. Douglas Young and Bruce Watson in Aberdeen; and Muriel Gibson in Glasgow. They were suspected of "subversive activities" due to their alleged links to the Irish-inspired and pacifist Scottish Neutrality League.      

1941 (29 Jun.) - Sir ALEXANDER MacEWEN, Provost of Inverness 1925-31, SNP Leader 1934-36, dead, aged 66.

1941 (10 Jul.) - Greenock UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1941 (12 Jul.) - Edinburgh West UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.                                                                          

1941 (11 Dec.) - Edinburgh Central UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1942 (29 Apr.) - Glasgow Cathcart UK Parliamentary by-election. William Whyte is 4th with 5.5% of the vote.                      

1942 (30 May) - Annual National Conference, Edinburgh.  Prof. DOUGLAS YOUNG is SNP Leader. Dr. Robert McIntyre is Nat. Secretary.  The party splits when John M. MacCormick (pictured) leaves to found the Scottish Convention.

1943 (29 Jan.) - Hamilton UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1943 (11 Feb.) - Midlothian & Peebles-shire UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1943 (May) - Annual National Conference. Party Constitution is revised, to focus on "the restoration of Scottish national sovereignty."

1943 (17 Jun.) - Annie S. Swan (Mrs. Burnett Smith), founder and first SNP Vice-President 1934, dead, aged 83.

1944 (17 Feb.) - Kirkcaldy UK Parliamentary by-election. Prof. Douglas Young is 2nd with 41.3% of the vote.

1945 (12 Apr.) - Dr. ROBERT McINTYRE gains the UK Parliamentary seat of Motherwell from Labour in a by-election, with 51.4% of the vote. This was the first-ever parliamentary election win by the party.

1945 (13 Apr.) - Combined Scottish Universities UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1945 (1 May) - May Thomson is the first full-time Nat. Organiser.

1945 (9 Jun.) - Annual National Conference.   Prof. (Mearns) BRUCE WATSON is SNP Leader. Dr. Robert McIntyre is Vice-Chairman.

1945 (5 Jul.) - UK General Election. 8 candidates (1.2%). Dr. Robert McIntyre loses Motherwell.  AUSTIN WALKER is 3rd (5.3%) in Aberdeen North.

1945 (3 Oct.) - Edinburgh East UK Parliamentary by-election. Frank Yeaman is 3rd with 6.3% of the vote.

1945 - Membership is less than 1,000.

1946 (7 Feb.) - South Ayrshire UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1946 (12 Feb.) - Glasgow Cathcart UK Parliamentary by-election. Dr. William Taylor is 3rd with 10.4% of the vote.

1946 (May) - Annual National Conference, Perth.  Four-Year Programme to expand the party is agreed. 

1946 (29 Aug.) - Glasgow Bridgeton UK Parliamentary by-election.  Wendy Wood (Ind. Scot. Nat.) is 4th with 13.9% of the vote.

1946 (26 Nov.) - Aberdeen South UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1946 (27 Nov.) - Combined Scottish Universities UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.  Seat was abolished in 1950.

1946 (5 Dec.) - Kilmarnock UK Parliamentary by-election. George Dott is 3rd with 7.8% of the vote.

1946 (7-8 Dec.) - Special Conference to formulate key policies.

1946 (Dec.) - Membership is 1,228 in 28 branches.

1947 (22 Mar.) - The Scottish Convention's first Scottish National Assembly, in Glasgow, is attended by more than 600 delegates. 

1947 (May) - Annual National Conference.   Dr. ROBERT McINTYRE is SNP Leader.  Mary Fraser Dott is Nat. Secretary.

1947 (27 Nov.) - Edinburgh East UK Parliamentary by-election. Mary Fraser Dott is 4th with 5.0% of the vote.

1948 (28 Jan.) - Glasgow Camlachie UK Parliamentary by-election. Robert B. Wilkie is 4th with 5.2% of the vote.

1948 (18 Feb.) - Paisley UK Parliamentary by-election. John M.  MacCormick (Ind. National) is 2nd with 43.0% of the vote.

1948 (20 Mar.) - The second Scottish National Assembly produces A Blue Print for Scotland.

1948 (May) - Annual National Conference, Edinburgh. New party constitution is agreed. Dual membership with another political party to be disallowed.

1948 (30 Sep.) - Glasgow Gorbals UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1948 (7 Oct.) - Stirling & Falkirk UK Parliamentary by-election. Robert Curran is 3rd with 8.1% of the vote.

1948 (25 Nov.) - Glasgow Hillhead UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1949 (Apr.) - The National Covenant for Home Rule is drafted by a committee of the Scottish National Assembly at a hotel in Aberfoyle, Perthshire (now in Stirlingshire).   It read in part: "...we solemnly enter into this Covenant, whereby we pledge ourselves...to do everything in our power to secure for Scotland a Parliament with adequate legislative authority in Scottish affairs."

1949 (6 Aug.) - Wendy Wood founds the Scottish Patriots.

1949 (29 Oct.) - The National Covenant for Home Rule is launched at the third Scottish National Assembly, attended by 1,200, at the Assembly Hall in Edinburgh. Although the petition eventually attracted around 2 million signatures, it was dismissed by UK politicians, who said that only votes for a political party could be recognised. 

1950 (Feb.) - John M. MacCormick elected as Rector of Glasgow University for three years.

1950 (23 Feb.) - UK General Election. 3 candidates (0.4%).

1950 (25 Apr.) - Dunbartonshire West UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1950 (6 May) - The fourth Scottish National Assembly in Edinburgh.

1950 (Jun.) - Annual National ConferenceTOM H. GIBSON is SNP President.

1950 - Scottish National Congress is founded by Roland E. Muirhead.  Based at 28 Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow, the home of his Scottish Secretariat publishing operation (founded 1924).  

1950 - The draft of A Constitution for Scotland is prepared by Roland E. Muirhead and Prof. Andrew Dewar Gibb.

1950 - First overseas branch is in Sydney, Australia. Led by Angus Macdonald, formerly of North Uist, until 1956.

1950 (31 Aug.) - Posters demanding Scottish home-rule greet British MP Clement Attlee when he attends Cowal Highland Games at Dunoon.

1950 (25 Oct.) - Glasgow Scotstoun UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1950 (25 Dec.) - The Stone of Destiny is removed from London's Westminster Abbey by four students led by Ian Hamilton, and taken to Scotland. It was left at Arbroath Abbey, from where it was hurriedly returned to London on 11 Apr. 1951.

1950 (Dec.) - Membership is 2,460 in 45 branches.

1951 (Jun.) - Annual National Conference.  Robert Curran is Nat. Secretary. Arthur Donaldson is Nat. Treasurer.

1951 (13 Jun.) - WILLIAM POWER, SNP Leader 1940-42, dead, aged 77.

1951 -  The fifth Scottish National Assembly. The Scottish Convention is renamed the Scottish Covenant Association.

1951 (25 Oct.) - UK General Election. 2 candidates (0.3%).

1952 (May) - Annual National Conference.

1952 (17 Jul.) - Dundee East UK Parliamentary by-election. Donald Stewart is 3rd with 7.5% of the vote.

1953 (May) - Annual National Conference.  John Smart is Nat. Secretary.  David Rollo is Nat. Treasurer.

1953 - Aberdeen SNP rooms opened at 10 Belmont Street.

1954 (20 Jan.) - 6th DUKE OF MONTROSE (James Graham), founder and first President of SNP 1934-36, dead, aged 75.

1954 (8 Apr.) - Edinburgh East UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1954 (14 Apr.) - Motherwell UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1954 (May) - Annual National Conference

1954 (21 Dec.) - Inverness UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1955 (27 Jan.) - Edinburgh North UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1955 (3 Mar.) - Lewis Spence, NPS founder 1928 and poet, dead, aged 80.

1955 - Membership is 1,315 in 49 branches.

1955 (26 May) - UK General Election. 2 candidates (0.5%). The party's yellow & black rosettes and campaign colours are first used by James Halliday, the candidate in Stirling & Falkirk Burghs. 

1955 - Annual National Conference.  The 55 Group of dissidents, led by James Glendinning, fails in an attempt to replace leading office-bearers. 

1955 - The 55 Group is expelled from the party. They later formed a short-lived "Nationalist Party of Scotland."

Picture  (l-r):  James Halliday, William Wolfe, Dr. Robert McIntyre and Arthur Donaldson. At the opening of SNP HQ, 6 North Charlotte St., Edinburgh, Dec. 1976.   

1955 (8 Dec.) - Greenock UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1956 (May) - Annual National Conference, Bridge of Allan.  JAMES HALLIDAY is SNP Leader.  Dr. Robert McIntyre is SNP President.  George Leask and Malcolm Shaw are Vice-Chairmen.

1956 (24 Nov.) - Radio Free Scotland commences broadcasting on BBC TV's sound channel, later on the medium wave. Gordon Wilson (from 1960)  and Douglas Henderson (1963) were "Directors of Programmes" until 1965.

1957 (29 Mar.) - Edinburgh South UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1957 (18 May) - Annual National Conference, Perth. 

1957 - Scottish Provisional Constituent Assembly is established by Roland E. Muirhead.

1957 - Several branches and groups formed by Ian Macdonald

1958 (Mar.) - Dual membership with Scottish National Congress to be disallowed.

1958 (13 Mar.) - Glasgow Kelvingrove UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested. 

1958 (May) - Annual National Conference.

1958 (12 Jun.) - Argyll UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested. 

1958 (2 Sep.) - J. Kevan McDowall, SNP founder 1934, dead, aged 67.

1958 (20 Nov.) - Aberdeenshire East UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1959 (9 Apr.) - Galloway UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1959 (May) - Annual National Conference.

1959 (8 Oct.) - UK General Election. 5 candidates (0.5%).  SANDY MILNE is 3rd (5.8%) in Aberdeen North.     

1960 (5 Jan.) - Ruaraidh Erskine of Mar, NPS founder 1928, dead, aged 90.

1960 (19 May) - Edinburgh North UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1960 (Jun.) - Annual National Conference, Stirling.  ARTHUR DONALDSON is SNP Leader. Sandy Milne is Vice-Chairman. Malcolm Shaw is Nat. Secretary.

1961 - Membership is about 2,000 in 20 branches.

1961 (20 Apr.) - Paisley UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1961 (Jun.) - Annual National Conference.

1961 (13 Oct.) - JOHN M.  MacCORMICK, founder and first Nat. Secretary of SNP 1934, dead, aged 56.  The Scottish Covenant Association disbands.

1961 (9 Nov.) - East Fife UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1961 (16 Nov.) - Glasgow Bridgeton UK Parliamentary by-election. Ian Macdonald is 3rd with 18.7% of the vote. 

1962 (21 Apr) - Scottish Provisional Constituent Assembly, attended by 108 delegates, meets in Edinburgh and prepares A Draft Constitution for an Independent Scotland. The Assembly only met once.

1962 (May) - Annual National Conference, Perth.

1962 (1 Jun.) - Ian Macdonald is full-time Nat. Organiser.

1962 (14 Jun.) - West Lothian UK Parliamentary by-election. William Wolfe is 2nd with 23.3% of the vote.

1962 (22 Nov.) - Glasgow Woodside UK Parliamentary by-election. Alan Niven is 4th with 11.2% of the vote.

1962 (19 Dec.) - John Wilson, NPS founder member 1928, dead, aged 59.

1963 (28 Mar.) - Dr. C. Stewart Black, SNP founder 1934, dead, aged 75.

1963 (May) - Annual National Conference, Edinburgh.  William Wolfe and Sandy Milne are Vice-Chairmen. 

1963 (Jun.) -  New SNP logo, a stylised combination of the Saltire and thistle, is conceived by William Wolfe and designed by Julian Gibb.  First used in West Lothian, it went on to replace the Saltire & Lion Rampant shield adopted by the party in 1934. 

1963 (Jun.) - Membership is about 4,000 in 43 branches.

1963 (Jul.) - Gordon Wilson is Assistant Nat. Secretary.

1963 (17 Sep.) - Sir Robert Hurd, SNP founder 1934 and architect, dead, aged 58.

1963 (8 Nov.) - Kinross & West Perthshire UK Parliamentary by-election. Arthur Donaldson is 4th with 7.3% of the vote.

1963 (21 Nov.) - Dundee West UK Parliamentary by-election. Dr. James C. Lees is 3rd with 7.4% of the vote. 

1963 (22 Nov.) - Gordon Wilson conducts an extensive review of the party's organisation, which he completes on 20 Dec.

1963 (12 Dec.) - Dumfries-shire UK Parliamentary by-election. John Gair is 4th with 9.7% of the vote.

1964 (8 Feb.) -  Main recommendations in the Gordon Wilson report are accepted. There will be a Senior Vice-Chairman (Deputy Leader) and two Executive Vice-Chairmen with specific responsibilities.  

1964 (14 May) - Rutherglen UK Parliamentary by-election. Not contested.

1964 (16-17 May) - Annual National Conference, Bridge of Allan. Sandy Milne is SNP Deputy Leader.  Gordon Wilson is Nat. Secretary.

1964 (6 Jun.) - William Wolfe is Executive Vice-Chairman  (Policy, Publicity & Development)  and Douglas Drysdale is Executive Vice-Chairman (Organisation & Finance).

1964 (2 Aug.) - ROLAND E. MUIRHEAD, SNP founder 1934 and President 1936-50, dead, aged 96.

1964 (23 Sep.) - SNP & You policy booklet is published. Produced by William Wolfe and designed by Julian Gibb.

1964 (15 Oct.) - UK General Election. 15 candidates (2.4%).   JOHN B. REID is 3rd (7.5%) in Aberdeen South.   BRUCE COCKIE is 4th (6.3%) in Aberdeenshire East.

1964 (Dec.) - Membership is about 8,000 in 80 branches.

1965 (4 Jan.) - Alba Pools lottery tickets introduced by Angus McGillveray, Publications Manager.

1965 (15 Feb.) - Rosemary Hall is Nat. Public Relations Secretary. Based at a small press office in the SNP rooms at 16 North St. Andrew Street, Edinburgh. 

1965 (24 Mar.) - Roxburgh, Selkirk & Peebles UK Parliamentary by-election. Anthony J.C. Kerr (Ind. Scot. Nat.) is 4th with 0.9% of the vote.

1965 (22-23 May) - Annual National Conference, Perth.  Harry C. Rankin is Nat. Treasurer.

1965 (29 Sep.) - The party's first 5-minute Party Political Broadcast on BBC TV is given by William Wolfe, and watched by 1,250,000.  1,200 membership enquiries received by HQ.

1965 (29 Nov.) - The party's first 5-minute Party Political Broadcast on BBC radio is given by Arthur Donaldson.

1965 (Dec.) - Around 5,000 members gained since the two broadcasts.

1966 (16 Jan.) - Number of Executive Vice-Chairmen to be increased to four.

1966 (31 Mar.) - UK General Election. 23 candidates (5.0%).   Aberdeen seats not contested.    BRUCE COCKIE is 4th (8.9%) in Aberdeenshire East.

1966 (Apr.) - Alasdair Macdonald is Public Relations Officer.

1966 (4-5 Jun.) - Annual National Conference, Edinburgh.  William Wolfe is SNP Deputy Leader.  Rosemary Hall is Nat. Organising Secretary. James Cook is Nat. Treasurer. 

1966 (Jun.) - Executive Vice-Chairmen are Douglas Drysdale (Finance),  Dr. James C. Lees (Organisation), John Gair (Policy) and James Braid (Publicity).  

1966 (Jun.) - Membership is about 25,000.

1966 (Dec.) - Membership is 42,000, in 190 branches.

1967 (9 Mar.) - Glasgow Pollok UK Parliamentary by-election. George Leslie is 3rd with 28.3% of the vote. 

1967 (3 May) Local Government Elections.  170 cllrs. (24.2%).  The party gains control of Stirling, where Dr. Robert McIntyre  becomes Provost for eight years.  Aberdeen: no cllrs.                                                                                         

1967 (2-4 Jun.) - Annual National Conference, Edinburgh. Now a 3-day event, with a considerable increase in attendance on previous conferences. George Gibson is Nat. Treasurer.

1967 (Jun.) - 1320 Club extremist group is founded, and proscribed by the party nine months later.

1967 (11 Aug.) - Research & Information Committee, chaired by William Wolfe.

1967 (Sep.) - Membership is 60,000.

1967 (2 Nov.) - WINIFRED EWING (pictured) gains the UK Parliamentary seat of Hamilton from Labour in a by-election, with 46.1% of the vote.  Famous for her quote: "Stop the world. Scotland wants to get on!" Image

1968 (8 May) - Local Government Elections. 107 cllrs. (34%).  Gordon Murray  becomes  Provost of Cumbernauld for seven years.  Aberdeen: 1 cllr., ALEX McDONALD (St. Clements).

1968 (31 May-2 Jun.) - Annual National Conference, Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen.  1,200 attend. John McAteer is Nat. Organiser.  Peter Gormley is Nat. Organising Secretary.  Prof. Joseph Gloag is Nat. Treasurer.

1968 - Membership estimated at 65-70,000, in 484 branches.  No accurate record is kept by the party HQ in Glasgow.

1969 (7 May) - Local Government Elections.     cllrs. (22%).   Aberdeen: no cllrs.

1969 (30 May-1 Jun.) - Annual National Conference, Oban.  WILLIAM WOLFE is SNP Leader.  George Leslie is Deputy Leader.

1969 - SNP headquarters moves to 14a Manor Place, Edinburgh.

1969 (14 Sep.) - Discovery of the Arbroath oilfield in the Scottish sector of the North Sea.

1969 (30 Oct.) - Glasgow Gorbals UK Parliamentary by-election. Tom Brady is 2nd with 25.0% of the vote. 

1970 (1 Jan.) - Voting age for UK Parliamentary elections lowered from 21 to 18.

1970 (19 Mar.) - South Ayrshire UK Parliamentary by-election. Sam Purdie is 3rd with 19.8% of the vote.

1970 (6 May) - Local Government Elections.    cllrs. (12.6%).  Aberdeen: no cllrs.

1970 (29 -31 May) - Annual National Conference, Edinburgh.  Douglas Henderson  is SNP Deputy Leader.  Michael Murgatroyd is Nat. Treasurer.

1970 (18 Jun.) - UK General Election. 65 candidates (11.4%) and one MP, DONALD STEWART (Western Isles). Winifred Ewing loses Hamilton.  JOHN McKENNA is 3rd (8.4%) in Aberdeen North.  BRUCE COCKIE is 4th (5.3%) in Aberdeen South.

1970 (Dec.) - Membership is 30,250.

1971 (28-30 May) - Annual National Conference, Perth.   Muriel Gibson is Nat. Secretary.

1971 (16 Sep.) - Stirling & Falkirk UK Parliamentary by-election.  Dr. Robert McIntyre is 2nd with 34.6% of the vote.

1972 (6 May) - Local Government Elections.    cllrs. (14.0%).   Aberdeen: no cllrs.

1972 (26-28 May) - Annual National Conference, Rothesay.  Rosemary Hall is Nat. Secretary.  Party re-affirms its support for the EEC, but opposes membership as part of the UK.

1972 (2 Sep.) - It's Scotland's Oil campaign launched. The roundel campaign logo was designed by Julian Gibb.                     

1972 (30 Nov.) - Sir Compton Mackenzie, NPS founder 1928 and novelist, dead, aged 89.

1973 (1 Jan.) - UK, Ireland and Denmark join the European Economic Community (EEC).

1973 (15 Jan) - Neil Gunn, NPS founder member 1928 and novelist, dead, aged 81.

1973 (22 Feb.) - F. Marian McNeill, founder and first SNP Vice-President 1934, dead, aged 87.

1973 (1 Mar.) - Dundee East UK Parliamentary by-election. Gordon Wilson is 2nd with 30.2% of the vote.

1973 (5 May) - Local Government Elections.    cllrs. (21.0%).     Aberdeen: no cllrs.

1973 (1-3 Jun.) - Annual National Conference, Oban.  Gordon Wilson is SNP Deputy Leader.

1973 (23 Oct.) - Prof. DOUGLAS YOUNG, SNP Leader 1942-45, dead, aged 60.

1973 (8 Nov.) - MARGO MacDONALD gains the UK Parliamentary seat of Glasgow Govan from Labour in a by-election, with 41.9% of the vote.

1973 (8 Nov.) - Edinburgh North UK Parliamentary by-election. William Wolfe is 3rd with 19.1% of the vote.

1974 (24 Jan.) - Prof. ANDREW DEWAR GIBB, founder and first SNP Vice-Chairman 1934, SNP Leader 1936-40, dead, aged 85.

1974 (28 Feb.) - UK General Election.   70 candidates (21.9%) and 7 MPs: DOUGLAS HENDERSON  (Aberdeenshire E.); IAIN MacCORMICK (Argyll);  HAMISH WATT (Banffshire);  GORDON WILSON (Dundee E.);  WINIFRED EWING (Moray & Nairn); GEORGE REID (Stirlingshire E. & Clackmannan)  and DONALD STEWART   (Western Isles).  Margo MacDonald loses Glasgow Govan.        Aberdeen North: JIM McGUGAN.   Aberdeen South: SANDY STRONACH.

1974 (Mar.) - Donald Stewart MP is Parliamentary Group Leader. Gordon Wilson MP is Deputy Leader. Douglas Henderson MP is Chief Whip.

1974 (7 May) - Regional Elections.  18 cllrs. (12.6%).  Aberdeen: no cllrs.

1974 (7 May) - District Elections.  62 cllrs. (12.4%). Aberdeen: no cllrs.  New cllrs. to assume office on 16 May 1975.

1974 (31 May-2 Jun.) - Annual National Conference, Elgin.  Margo MacDonald is SNP Deputy Leader. 

1974 (Oct,) - Election manifesto describes the party's programme as Social Democratic.                   

1974 (10 Oct.) - UK General Election. 71 candidates (30.4%) and 11 MPs. Holds 7 seats and gains ANDREW  WELSH (Angus S.); MARGARET BAIN (Dunbartonshire E.); GEORGE THOMPSON (Galloway) and DOUGLAS CRAWFORD (Perth & E. Perthshire).    Abdn. North: JIM McGUGAN.  Abdn. South: SANDY STRONACH.

Picture:-- D. Crawford, G. Reid, G. Wilson, D. Henderson, W. Ewing, D. Stewart,  M. Bain (later Ewing), H. Watt, I. MacCormick, A. Welsh, G. Thompson.

1974 (30 Oct.) - Andrew Welsh MP will provide daily liaison between Parliamentary Group and party HQ.

1975 (Apr.) - Agnes Samuel is Office Manager of Parliamentary Group.

1975 (12 Apr.) - Robert Gray, SNP founder 1934, dead (80?).

1975 (23 Apr.) - TOM H. GIBSON, co-founder of Scots Independent 1926; SNP founder 1934 and President 1950-56, dead, aged 81.

1975 (16 May)Regional & District Councils replace county, city and town councils.

1975 (29-31 May) - Annual National Conference, Perth.   Muriel Gibson is Nat. Secretary.

1975 (5 Jun.) - EEC Referendum. "Do you think the UK should stay in the European Community (Common Market)?"  In Scotland -- Yes vote: 1,332,186 (58.4%). No vote: 948,039 (41.6%).  SNP campaign slogan was  No Vote, No Entry -- as Scotland would not have independent membership.

1976 (Mar.) - Hamish Watt MP is Chief Whip of the Parliamentary Group.

1976 (28 May) - Oliver Brown, NPS founder member 1928 and scholar, dead, aged 73. Famous for his quote that the 1967 Hamilton by-election result had "caused a shiver to run along the Scottish Labour benches looking for a spine to run up" and his description of the BBC as the "Anglo-Saxophone."  

1976 (28-30 May) - Annual National Conference, Motherwell.

1976 (4 Sep.) - Meeting of Parliamentary Group and party NEC.

1976 (Nov.) - Scotland & Wales Bill is published by UK Government, but fails in Feb. 1977.

1976 (Dec.) - SNP headquarters moves to 6 North Charlotte Street, Edinburgh.

1977 (Jan.) - Duncan MacLaren is HQ Press Officer.

1977 (22 Feb.) - John McAteer, Nat. Organiser 1968-77, dead, aged 44.

1977 (21 Apr.) - Prof. Joseph Gloag, Nat. Treasurer 1968-70, dead, aged 70. 

1977 (4 May) - In her Silver Jubilee address to the UK Parliament, the Queen says:  "Perhaps this Jubilee is a time to remind ourselves of the benefits which union has conferred, at home and in our international dealings, on the inhabitants of all parts of this United Kingdom."

1977 (9 May)District Elections. 170 cllrs. (24.2%).   Aberdeen: 2 cllrs., GORDON MORRIS (Middlefield) and DONALD HASTON (Willowpark).                                        

1977 (26-28 May) - Annual National Conference, Dundee.  Chrissie MacWhirter is Nat. Secretary. Alan McKinney is Nat. Organiser. The first draft of A Constitution for a Free Scotland is agreed.

1977 (7-14 June) - Douglas Crawford MP visits UN in New York, US Congress and Canadian Parliament on behalf of the party.

1977 (16 Jun.) - Scotland Bill  replaces Scotland & Wales Bill.

1977 (Jun.) - Agnes Samuel is Nat. Organising Secretary.

1977 (20 Jul.) -  Liaison between party's NEC and Parliamentary Group to be upgraded.

1977 (Jul.) - Aberdeen branches deliver 60,000, 8-page Silver City Standard party newspapers in the city.

1978 - Siol nan Gaidheal extremist group is founded by Tom Moore, and absorbs the earlier 1320 Club. 

1978 (13 Apr.) - Glasgow Garscadden UK Parliamentary by-election. Keith Bovey is 2nd with 31.2% of the vote.

1978 (2 May) -  Regional Elections. 18 cllrs. (20.9%).  Aberdeen: no cllrs.

1978 (26-28 May) - Annual National Conference, Edinburgh.

1978 (31 May) - Hamilton UK Parliamentary by-election. Margo McDonald is 2nd with 33.4% of the vote.

1978 (1 Jun.) - T. Ferguson Rodger, NPS founder member 1928 and psychiatrist, dead, aged 70.

1978 (Jun.) - Andrew Welsh MP is Chief Whip of the Parliamentary Group.

1978 - Eilean Mor MacCormick, an island in the Sound of Jura, near to the entrance of Loch Sween, Argyll, is bequeathed to the party by Walter Paterson "Pat" Neill.

1978 (31 Jul.) - Scotland Act is passed by the UK Government. It provided for a Referendum on a "Scottish Assembly", but also included a wrecking amendment, sponsored by George Cunningham, a Scottish Labour MP: "If less than 40% of the total electorate vote, or if any overall majority voting 'Yes' is less than two-thirds of all votes cast, the Secretary of State shall deem the legislation to be null and void."

1978 (9 Sep.) - Hugh MacDiarmid (Christopher M. Grieve), NPS founder 1928 and poet, dead, aged 86.

1978 (20 Oct.) - SNP Club is opened at 16 North St. Andrew Street, Edinburgh.

1978 (26 Oct.) - Berwick & East Lothian UK Parliamentary by-election. Isobel Lindsay is 3rd with 8.8% of the vote.

1979 (1 Mar.) - Devolution Referendum.  "There should be a Scottish Assembly" - Yes vote: 1,230,937 (51.6%). No vote: 1,153,500 (48.4%).  Turnout: 63.8%.  As the Yes vote was only 32.9% of the total registered electorate, it fell below the rigged threshold demanded by the "40% rule", and was rejected.  The manipulated result ultimately led to the UK Labour Government's defeat in a vote of no confidence.

1979 (3 May) - UK General Election. 71 candidates (17.3%) and 2 MPs: GORDON WILSON (Dundee East) and DONALD STEWART (Western Isles).  Aberdeen North: MAUREEN WATT.   Aberdeen South: SANDY STRONACH.

1979  (31 May) - 79 Group formed with the aim of redefining the SNP as a socialist republican party.  

1979 - Aberdeen South SNP closes its rooms at 10 Belmont Street.

1979 (7 Jun.) - European Elections. 8 candidates (19.4%) and 1 MEP, WINIFRED EWING (Highlands & Islands).

1979 (26 Jul.) - Scotland Act is repealed by UK Government.

1979 (13-15 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Dundee.  GORDON WILSON (pictured) is SNP Leader. Douglas Henderson is Deputy Leader.  Iain Murray is Nat. Secretary.

1980 (Apr.) - Campaign for a Scottish Assembly launched. Led by Jack Brand, and successively by Jim Boyack, Alan Armstrong and Isobel Lindsay.

1979 (Dec.) -  Membership is 14,087.

1980 (2 May) - District Elections.  54 cllrs. (24.0%).  Aberdeen: no cllrs.

1980 (May) - Jim Sillars, former Labour MP, joins the party. He had been a founder of the short-lived (1976-1981) but genuinely Scottish Labour Party.

1980 (29-31 May) - Annual National Conference, Rothesay.  William Wolfe is SNP President.

1980 (26 Jun.) - Glasgow Central UK Parliamentary by-election. Gil Paterson is 2nd with 26.3% of the vote. 

1980 (Dec.) - Membership is 14,972.

1981 (28-30 May) - Annual National Conference, Music Hall, Aberdeen.  Jim Fairlie is SNP Deputy Leader. Neil MacCallum is Nat. Secretary.

1981 (30 Jun.) - Wendy Wood, NPS founder member 1928,  founder of Scottish Watch 1931 and Scottish Patriots 1949, dead, aged 88.

1981 (3 Sep.) - Keep the Royal Bank Scottish campaign. Members picket bank branches in a successful bid to prevent the takeover of RBS by HSBC or Standard Chartered Bank.

1981 (Dec.) - Membership is 12,617.

1982 (Mar.) - Aberdeen South SNP office opened at 78 Menzies Road, Torry.

1982 (25 Mar.) - Glasgow Hillhead UK Parliamentary by-election. George Leslie is 4th with 11.3% of the vote.

1982 (6 May) Regional Elections.  23 cllrs. (13.4%).  Aberdeen: no cllrs.

1982 (3-5 Jun.) - Annual National Conference, Ayr. Delegates vote substantially for the immediate disbanding of the 79 Group, Siol nan Gaidheal and other organised factions within the party. Donald Stewart is SNP President.

1982 (24 Jun.) - Coatbridge & Airdrie UK Parliamentary by-election. Ron Wyllie is 3rd with 10.5% of the vote.

1982 (2 Dec.) - Glasgow Queen's Park UK Parliamentary by-election. Peter Mallan is 2nd with 20.0% of the vote.

1983 (28 Feb.) - Elma Campbell, NPS founder member 1928, dead, aged 82.

1983 (Mar.) - Radical Scotland magazine launched by Alan Lawson.

1983 (9 Jun.) - UK General Election. 72 candidates (11.8%) and 2 MPs: GORDON WILSON (Dundee East) and DONALD STEWART (Western Isles).   Aberdeen North: JIM McGUGAN.   Aberdeen South: SAM COULL. 

1983 (29 Sep.-1 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Rothesay. The first to be regularly held in September.  Alasdair Morgan is Nat. Treasurer.

1984 (4 May) - District Elections.  59 cllrs. (11.7%).  Aberdeen: no cllrs.

1984 (2 Jun.) - National Council at Harlaw Academy, Albyn Place, Aberdeen.

1984 (14 Jun.) - European Elections. 8 candidates (17.8%) and 1 MEP, WINIFRED EWING (Highlands & Islands).

1984 (13-15 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness.   Margaret Ewing is SNP Deputy Leader.

1984 (Nov.) - Hamish Watt, Banffshire MP 1974-79, elected as Rector of Aberdeen University for three years.

1985 (16 Mar.) - Archie Lamont, geologist, political writer and pamphleteer, dead, aged 77.

1985 (7 Apr.) - Willie MacRae, Vice-Chairman (Admin.) 1975-83, dead, aged 61. He was found in his car, near the A87/A887 junction at Bun Loyne, Glenmoriston, Inverness-shire. The true circumstances of his death are disputed. 

1985 (May) - Save the Scottish TSB campaign. Members picket bank branches in an unsuccessful bid to prevent the takeover of the Trustee Savings Bank (Scotland) by Lloyds Bank.

1985 (26-28 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Paisley.

1985 (Dec.) - Membership is 12,060.

1986 (1 May) Regional Elections. 36 cllrs. (18.2%).  Grampian Regional Council: Alliance (Lib.), SNP & Ind. coalition forms administration.  Aberdeen: no cllrs.

Image1986 (10-13 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Dunoon. Now a four-day event.  John Swinney is Nat. Secretary.

1987 (20 May) - Abolition of Domestic Rates, Etc. (Scotland) Act, by UK Parliament. This paved the way for the introduction of the Community Charge (Poll Tax) in 1989.

1987 (11 Jun.) - UK General Election. 72 candidates (14.1%) and 3 MPs: ANDREW WELSH (Angus East); ALEX SALMOND (pictured) (Banff & Buchan) and MARGARET EWING (Moray). Aberdeen North: PHILIP GREENHORN.  Aberdeen South: MICHAEL WEIR.

1987 (23-26 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Dundee. Winifred Ewing is SNP President.  Alex Salmond  is SNP Deputy Leader.

1988 (15 Mar.) - Alex Salmond MP is suspended from UK Parliament for five days, after intervention during Budget speech.

1988 (5 May)District Elections.  113 cllrs. (21.3%).  Aberdeen: 1 cllr., BRIAN ADAM (Middlefield).

1988 (16 May) - Prof. (Mearns) BRUCE WATSON, SNP Leader 1945-47, dead, aged 78.

1988 (6 Jul.) - Campaign for a Scottish Assembly  publishes A Claim of Right for Scotland. Its main author was Jim Ross, a retired Scottish Office civil servant.

1988 (22-25 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness. Pro-EEC "Independence in Europe" policy adopted.

1988 (10 Nov.) - JIM SILLARS gains the UK Parliamentary seat of Glasgow Govan from Labour in a by-election, with 48.4% of the vote.

1989 (27 Jan.) - A proposed Scottish Constitutional Convention will not have SNP participation, due to Labour's Donald Dewar refusing to discuss an Independence in Europe option.

1989 (30 Mar.) - Scottish Constitutional Convention's Claim of Right is signed by 58 Labour and Liberal MPs, and other (mainly unionist) politicians, at the Assembly Hall in Mound Place, Edinburgh. The Episcopalian clergyman Canon Kenyon Wright, who became the Convention's chairman, is famous for his quote:"What if that other voice we know so well (Margaret Thatcher) responds by saying 'We say No and we are the state?' Well, we say Yes and we are the people!" 

1989 (1 Apr.) - A new Community Charge, or Poll Tax, is levied by the UK Government in Scotland -- one year ahead of England.

1989 (15 Jun.) - European Elections. 8 candidates (25.6%) and 1 MEP, WINIFRED EWING (Highlands & Islands).

1989 (15 Jun.) - Glasgow Central UK Parliamentary by-election. Alex Neil is 2nd with 30.2% of the vote.

1989 (16 Jul.) - Iain Gillies, NPS founder member 1928, dead, aged 85.

1989 (21-24 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Dunoon.

1989 (7 Oct.) - Janette Jones, Vice-Chairman (Publicity) 1975-78, dead, aged 57.

1990 (7 Mar.) - Alexander McRobb, NPS founder member 1928, dead, aged 89.

1990 (Apr.) - Allison Hunter is Nat. Organiser.

1990 (3 May) - Regional Elections.  42 cllrs. (21.8%).  Aberdeen: no cllrs. 

1990 (3 May) - PHILIP GREENHORN gains Springhill ward from Labour in Aberdeen District Council by-election.

1990 (20-23 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Perth.  ALEX SALMOND is SNP Leader.  Alasdair Morgan is Deputy Leader. Tom Chalmers is Nat. Treasurer.

1990 (4 Oct.) - Dick Douglas, Labour MP for Dunfermline West, joins the party.

1990 (Nov.) - Radical Scotland magazine ceases publication.

1990 (16 Nov.) - Colin Bell, Vice-Chairman (Publicity) 1978-84, elected as Rector of Aberdeen University for three years.

1990 (29 Nov.) - Paisley North UK Parliamentary by-election. Roger Mullin is 2nd with 29.4% of the vote.

1990 (29 Nov.) - Paisley South UK Parliamentary by-election. Iain Lawson is 2nd with 27.5% of the vote.

1991 (19-22 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness. Jim Sillars is SNP Deputy Leader. Substantially revised draft of A Constitution for a Free Scotland (1977) is agreed.

1991 (7 Nov.) - Kincardine & Deeside UK Parliamentary by-election. Allan Macartney is 3rd with 11.1% of the vote.

1992 (18 Jan.) -  Debate by party leaders in Usher Hall, Edinburgh, is attended  by 2,500.

1992 (6 Mar.) -  Local Government Finance Act replaces Poll Tax with Council Tax in 1993.

1992 (9 Apr.) - UK General Election. 72 candidates (21.5%) and 3 MPS: ANDREW WELSH (Angus East); ALEX SALMOND (Banff & Buchan) and MARGARET EWING (Moray).  Jim Sillars loses Glasgow Govan.   Aberdeen North: JIM McGUGAN.  Aberdeen South: JAMES DAVIDSON. 

1992 (10 Apr.) - Democracy for Scotland group commences its Vigil for a Scottish Parliament at foot of Calton Hill, Edinburgh. The vigil ended on 12 Sep. 1997.

1992 (12 Apr.) - Scotland United rally in George Square, Glasgow is attended by 5,000. The cross-party group called for a multi-option referendum on the future government of Scotland.

1992 (8 May)District Elections. 150 cllrs. (24.3%). Aberdeen: 2 cllrs., BRIAN ADAM (Middlefield) and PHILIP GREENHORN (Springhill).

1992 (May) - NORMAN IRONS is the first SNP Lord Provost of Edinburgh. His term lasts four years.

1992 (23 Aug.) - DONALD STEWART, Western Isles MP 1974-87, SNP President 1982-87, dead, aged 71.

1992 (23-26 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Perth.  Allan Macartney is SNP Deputy Leader. Alasdair Morgan is Nat. Secretary.

1992 (12 Dec.) - Scotland United's March for Democracy in Edinburgh is attended by 25,000. It was followed by a cross-party rally in the Meadows, calling for a referendum on a Scottish Parliament.  The event was held to coincide with an EU summit meeting of European leaders in the capital.

1993 (8 Jan) - ARTHUR DONALDSON, SNP Leader 1960-69, dead, aged 91. 

1993 (Jan.) - Labour-SNP coalition rules Grampian Regional Council.

1993 (23-26 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Dunoon.

1993 (4 Nov.) - Ian Hamilton QC elected as Rector of Aberdeen University for three years.

1994 (5 May) - Regional Elections. 73 cllrs. (26.8%).   Grampian Regional Council: SNP-Lib. Dem. becomes ruling coalition.  Aberdeen: 1 cllr., MAUREEN WATT (Northfield).

1994 (9 Jun.) - European Elections. 8 candidates (32.6%) and 2 MEPs: WINIFRED EWING (Highlands & Islands) and ALLAN MACARTNEY (pictured) (North-East Scotland).

1994 (21-24 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness.  Kenny MacAskill is Nat. Treasurer.

1994 (27 Oct.) - GORDON McDONALD is elected as the last Convener of Grampian Regional Council.

1994 (Dec.) - Michael Russell is Chief Executive.

1995 (6 Apr.) - Unitary Authority Elections. 181 cllrs. (26.1%). Aberdeen: 1 cllr., BRIAN ADAM (Middlefield & Heathryfold).  New councillors to assume office on 1 Apr. 1996.

1995 (25 May) - ROSEANNA CUNNINGHAM gains the UK Parliamentary seat of Perth & Kinross from the Conservatives in a by-election, with 40.4% of the vote.

1995 (Jul.) - New visitors' centre being built at SNP-owned Eilean Mor MacCormick.

1995 (18 Aug.) - Michael Grieve, Vice-Chairman (Publicity) 1969-72, dead, aged 63.

1995 (20-23 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Perth.

1995 (28 Sep.) - Robert Curran, Nat. Secretary 1951-53, dead, aged 72.

1995 (30 Nov.) - Scottish Constitutional Convention publishes its devolution blueprint Scotland's Parliament, Scotland's Right.     

1996 (1 Apr.) - Unitary Authority Councils replace Regional & District Councils.                             

1996 (1 Jul.) - Scottish Government Building, at Victoria Quay, Leith, opened by the Queen.                    

1996 (26-29 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness.

1996 (4 Nov.) - Angus McGillveray, Publications Manager, dead, aged 66.  He started Alba Pools in 1965.

1996 (15 Nov.) - Stone of Destiny is returned to Scotland. After a handover ceremony at the border between representatives of the UK Home Office and the Scottish Office, the stone was transported to Edinburgh Castle on St. Andrew's Day.

1996 (22 Nov.) - Allan Macartney, SNP Deputy Leader and  North-East Scotland MEP, elected as Rector of Aberdeen University. 

1997 (1 May) - UK General Election. 72 candidates (22.1%) and 6 MPs: ANDREW WELSH (Angus); ALEX SALMOND (Banff & Buchan); ALASDAIR MORGAN (Galloway & Upper Nithsdale); MARGARET EWING (Moray); ROSEANNA CUNNINGHAM (Perth & Kinross) and JOHN SWINNEY (Tayside North).  Aberdeen North: BRIAN ADAM.   Aberdeen South: JIM TOWERS.   Aberdeen Central: BRIAN TOPPING.

1997 (11 Sep.) - Devolution Referendum.  "There should be a Scottish Parliament" -  Yes vote: 1,775,045 (74.3%).    No vote: 614,400 (25.7%). "A Scottish Parliament should have tax-varying powers" - Yes vote: 1,512,889 (63.5%). No vote: 870,263 (36.5%).  Turnout: 60.4%.  Every Council Area voted in favour of first question, and nearly all for the second.

1997 (24-27 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Rothesay.

1997 (6 Nov.) - Paisley South UK Parliamentary by-election. Ian Blackford is 2nd with 32.5% of the vote.

1998 (6 Jan.) - Former brewery site in Holyrood, Edinburgh is chosen for the new Scottish Parliament building.

1998 (2 Feb.) - Dr. ROBERT McINTYRE, Motherwell MP 1945-46, SNP Leader 1947-56, SNP President 1956-80, Provost of Stirling 1967-75, dead, aged 84.

1998 (6 Jul.) - Design by Catalan architect Enric Miralles is chosen for the Holyrood Parliament building. 

1998 (25 Aug.) - ALLAN MACARTNEY, SNP Deputy Leader 1992-98 and North-East Scotland MEP 1994-98, dead, aged 57.

1998 (24-27 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness.  John Swinney is SNP Deputy Leader.  Ian Blackford is Nat. Treasurer.

1998 (Oct.) -  Demolition of former brewery at site for Scottish Parliament building begins.

1998 (17 Nov.)Scotland Act is passed by UK Government.  

1998 (26 Nov.) - IAN HUDGHTON wins by-election for European Parliament's North-East Scotland constituency with 48.0% of the vote.

1998 (5 Dec.) - Robert B. Wilkie, Glasgow activist, teacher and writer, dead, aged 85.

1999 (9 Feb.) - Bruce Cockie, Aberdeen activist and Area Organiser for NE and Highlands in the 1950s and 60s, dead, aged 73.

1999 (Apr.) - Pre-construction work for Scottish Parliament building begins.

1999 (13 Apr.) - 6,000 sq. miles of Scotland's North Sea sector to be annexed by England on 1 Jul.

1999 (May)  -  Membership is about 10,000.

1999 (6 May) - Scottish Parliamentary Election.  73 candidates (28.7%) and 7 Constituency MSPs. Plus 28 Regional List MSPs (27.3%). Total 35. Labour and Liberal Democrats form the "Scottish Executive" with Donald Dewar as the First Minister.  Leader of the Opposition: Alex Salmond (SNP).  Presiding Officer: Sir David Steel.   For a full list of MSPs elected, see Appendix A below.

1999 (6 May)Local Government Elections.  204 cllrs. (28.9%). Aberdeen: 3 cllrs., KEVIN STEWART (Auchmill) (Group Leader), MURIEL JAFFREY (Donmouth) and KAREN SHIRRON (Springhill).

1999 (12 May) - Scottish Parliament is convened at the Assembly Hall (of the Church of Scotland) in Mound Place, Edinburgh. Winifred Ewing, it's oldest member, chairs the first meeting and begins with the words: "The Scottish Parliament, adjourned on the Twenty-fifth day of March in the year Seventeen Hundred and Seven, is hereby reconvened."

1999 (26 May) - James Braid, Vice-Chairman (Publicity) 1966-69 and Provost of St. Monans, dead, aged 87. In the 1960s, he and fellow Fifer, Dr. James C. Lees, travelled throughout the country setting up new SNP branches.

1999 (Jun.) - Peter Murrell is Chief Executive.

1999 (10 Jun.) - European Elections. 8 candidates (27.2%) and 2 MEPs: IAN HUDGHTON and NEIL MacCORMICK.

1999 (1 Jul.) - Scottish Parliament is officially opened by the Queen at the Assembly Hall in Mound Place, Edinburgh. 

1999 (6 Jul.) - Margaret "Pearl" Cook, NPS founder member 1928, dead, aged 99.

1999 (Jul.) - Main construction work of the Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood, Edinburgh begins.

1999 (23-26 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness.  Stewart Hosie is Nat. Secretary.

1999 (23 Sep.) - Hamilton South UK Parliamentary by-election. Annabelle Ewing is 2nd with 34.0% of the vote.

2000 (16 Mar.) - Ayr Scottish Parliamentary by-election. Jim Mather is 2nd with 29.0% of the vote.

2000 - SNP headquarters moves to 107 McDonald Road, Edinburgh.                                                                                

2000 (15-17 May) - Scottish Parliament meets at the former Strathclyde Regional Council debating chamber in Holland Street, Glasgow.

2000 (17 Jul.)Alex Salmond to step down as SNP Leader in Sep., and from Holyrood in Jun. 2001.

2000 (20-23 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness.  JOHN SWINNEY (pictured) is SNP Leader. Roseanna Cunningham is Deputy Leader.  Jim Mather is Nat. Treasurer.

2000 (11 Oct.) - Donald Dewar, First Minister, dead. 

2000 (27 Oct.) - Henry McLeish is First Minister.

2000 (23 Nov.) - Glasgow Anniesland Scottish Parliamentary by-election. Tom Chalmers is 2nd with 22.08% of the vote.

2000 (23 Nov.) - Glasgow Anniesland UK Parliamentary by-election. Grant Thoms is 2nd with 21.0% of the vote.

2000 (21 Dec.) - Falkirk West UK Parliamentary by-election. David Kerr is 2nd with 39.9% of the vote.

2001 (7 Jun.) - UK General Election. 72 candidates (20.1%) and 5 MPs:  MICHAEL WEIR (Angus), ALEX SALMOND (Banff & Buchan), ANGUS ROBERTSON (Moray), ANNABELLE EWING (Perth) and PETE WISHART (Tayside North). Aberdeen North: ALASDAIR ALLAN.  Aberdeen South: IAN ANGUS.  Aberdeen Central: WAYNE GAULT.

2001 (7 Jun.) - STEWART STEVENSON wins by-election for Scottish Parliamentary seat of Banff & Buchan, with 49.6% of the vote.

2001 (7 Jun.) - Strathkelvin & Bearsden Scottish Parliamentary by-election. Janet Law is 4th with 15.5% of the vote.

2001 (8 Jun.) - Dr. James C. Lees, Vice-Chairman (Organisation) 1966-70 and pathologist, dead, aged 88. In the 1960s, he and fellow Fifer, Provost James Braid, travelled throughout the country setting up new SNP branches.

2001 (22 Jun.) - Ian B. D. Bryce, Aberdeen Area Organiser and historian, dead, aged 65.

2001 (19-22 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Dundee.

2001 (22 Nov.) - Jack McConnell is First Minister. Succeeds Henry McLeish.

2002 (17 Apr.) - DOUGLAS CRAWFORD, Perth & East Perthshire MP 1974-79, dead, aged 62.

2002 (28-30 May) - Scottish Parliament meets at King's College Conference Centre in Aberdeen, attended by the Queen. This was the first time a Parliament had met in full session in the city.

2002 (25-28 Sep.) -  Annual National Conference, Inverness.  Final draft of A Constitution for a Free Scotland (1977) is adopted.

2002 (9 Nov.) - Neil MacCallum, Nat. Secretary 1981-86, dead, aged 48.

2002 (Dec.) - Membership is about 16,000.

2003 (1 May) - Scottish Parliamentary Election. 73 candidates (23.8%) and 9 Constituency MSPs. Plus 18 Regional List MSPs (20.9%). Total 27. Labour and Liberal Democrats coalition continues to  govern as the "Scottish Executive", with Jack McConnell as First Minister.  Leader of the Opposition: John Swinney (SNP).   Presiding Officer: George Reid.  For a full list of MSPs elected, see Appendix A below.

2003 (1 May) - Local Government Elections. 181 cllrs. (24.1%). Aberdeen: 6 cllrs., KEVIN STEWART (Auchmill) (Group Leader), MURIEL JAFFREY (Donmouth), KAREN SHIRRON (Springhill), ANDY MAY (Sunnybank), JIM KIDDIE (Tullos) and ALAN GOWERS (Woodside & Tillydrone),

2003 (24-27 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness. Alasdair Allan is Nat. Secretary.

2003 (Dec.) - Membership is 9,450.

2004 (Mar.) - Construction of Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood is completed.

2004 (23-24 Apr.) - Spring Conference at Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen.  New titles and roles introduced: "SNP Leader" for National Convener and "SNP Business Convener" for Party Chairman. The posts of Vice-President are abolished.

2004 - Aberdeen South SNP sells its office at 78 Menzies Road, Torry.

2004 (10 Jun.) - European Elections. 7 candidates (19.7%) and 2 MEPs: IAN HUDGHTON and ALYN SMITH.

2004 (22 Jun.) - John Swinney resigns as SNP Leader.

2004 (30 Aug.) - Michael Murgatroyd, Nat. Treasurer 1970-83, dead, aged 79.

2004 (3 Sep.) - ALEX SALMOND is elected SNP Leader by online/postal ballot of membership. Nicola Sturgeon is Deputy Leader.

2004 (7 Sep.) - Scottish Parliament meets in the debating chamber at Holyrood for the first time.

2004 (15 Sep.) - Fraser Inquiry report into the management of the Scottish Parliament building project is published.

2004 (22-25 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness. Bruce Crawford is SNP Business Convener (Chairman). Colin Beattie is Nat. Treasurer.

2004 (9 Oct.) - Scottish Parliament building at Holyrood is officially opened by the Queen.

2004 (Dec.) - UK Parliament reduces number of Scottish MPs from 72 to 59.

2005 (20 Apr.) - Jimmy Reid, who led the Clyde shipyard "work-in" in 1971-72, joins the party.

2005 (5 May) - UK General Election.  59 candidates (17.7%) and 6 MPs: MICHAEL WEIR (Angus), ALEX SALMOND (Banff & Buchan), STEWART HOSIE* (Dundee East), ANGUS ROBERTSON (Moray), ANGUS MacNEIL* (Na h-Eileanan an Iar) and PETE WISHART (Perth & North Perthshire). *=gains from Labour.   Aberdeen North: KEVIN STEWART.   Aberdeen South: MAUREEN WATT.

2005 (21-24 Sep.) - Annual National Conference, Aviemore.  Ian Hudghton is SNP President.

2005 (29 Sep.) - Livingston UK Parliamentary by-election. Angela Constance is 2nd with 32.7% of the vote.

2005 (29 Sep.) - Glasgow Cathcart Scottish Parliamentary by-election. Maire Whitehead is 2nd with 22.1% of the vote.

2005 (21 Oct.) - Muriel Gibson, Nat. Secretary 1971-72 and 1975-77, dead, aged 92.

2006 (9 Feb.) - Dunfermline & West Fife UK Parliamentary by-election. Douglas Chapman is 3rd with 21.0% of the vote.

2006 (21 Feb.) - Tom McAlpine, Vice-Chairman (Admin.) 1973-75 and 1983-88, dead, aged 76.

2006 (21 Mar.) - MARGARET EWING, Dunbartonshire East MP 1974-79, SNP Deputy Leader 1984-87, Moray MP 1987-2001 and MSP 1999-2006, dead, aged 60.

2006 (19 Apr.) - MAUREEN WATT becomes Regional List MSP for North-East. Replaces Richard Lochhead.

2006 (27 Apr.) - RICHARD LOCHHEAD wins by-election for Scottish Parliamentary seat of Moray, with 46.1% of the vote.

2006 (3 Jun.) - Duncan Ross is Nat. Secretary.

2006 (15 Sep.) - DOUGLAS HENDERSON, SNP Deputy Leader 1970-72, Aberdeenshire East MP 1974-79, SNP Deputy Leader 1979-81, dead, aged 71.

2006 (18 Sep.) - David Rollo, Nat. Treasurer 1953-65, dead, aged 87.

2006 (11-14 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Perth. The first to be regularly held in October.

2006 (27 Nov.) - Annie Knight, NPS founder member 1928, dead, aged 111. She was born in Glasgow, but her family moved to Aberdeen when she was a child. At one time she was the oldest person in the UK.

2007 (27 Jan.) - Chrissie MacWhirter, Nat. Secretary 1977-79, dead, aged 88.

2007 (Feb.) - the final cost of the Holyrood Parliament building is put at £414.4million.

2007 (3 May) - Scottish General Election. 73 candidates (32.9%) and 21 Constituency MSPs. Plus 26 Regional List MSPs (31%). Total 47.  ALEX  SALMOND is First Minister and Nicola Sturgeon Deputy First Minister at head of minority Government. Leader of the Opposition: Jack McConnell (Labour).   Presiding Officer: Alex Fergusson.    For a full list of MSPs elected, see Appendix A below.


2007 (3 May) - Local Government Elections. 437 candidates (29.7%) and 363 councillors. Aberdeen: 12 cllrs. SNP enters into coalition with Liberal Democrat group. KEVIN STEWART is Depute Council leader. JOHN WEST is Depute Provost.  Aberdeen councillors are listed at Appendix D below.

2007 (17 May) - Maureen Watt is Minister for Schools & Skills.

2007 (17 Jun.) - James Valentine, NPS founder 1928 and psychiatrist, dead, aged 100.

2007 (23 Jun.) - Angus Robertson is SNP Business Convener (Chairman).

2007 (Jul.) -  Membership is about 13,000.

2007 (14 Aug.) - Launch of National Conversation and publication of Choosing Scotland's Future.

2007 (16 Aug.) - JOHN CORALL wins by-election for the Midstocket & Rosemount ward of Aberdeen City Council. This was the first Local Government by-election to be held in Scotland using the STV voting system. 

2007 (31 Aug.) - Stefan Tymkewycz resigns as Regional List MSP for Lothian and is replaced by Shirley-Anne Somerville. 

2007 (3 Sep.) - The title of the national administration is formally changed to Scottish Government. It replaces the unionist-favoured and oddly-named "Scottish Executive".

2007 (14 Sep.) - Wendy Alexander is the Labour leader of the Opposition at Holyrood. Succeeds Jack McConnell.

2007 (26-28 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Aviemore.

2008 (4 Feb.) -  Scotland In The World forum at Aberdeen University, opened by the First Minister.

2008 (1 Apr.) - Large audience at University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA, USA, addressed by the First Minister.

2008 (23 Apr.) - First Minister speaks on National Conversation at Scotland House, Brussels.

2008 (24 Jul.) - JOHN MASON gains the UK Parliamentary seat of Glasgow East from Labour in a by-election, with 43.1% of the vote.

2008 (13 Sep.) - Iain Gray is the Labour leader of the Opposition at Holyrood.

2008 (16-19 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Perth.

2008 (6 Nov.) - Glenrothes UK Parliamentary by-election. Peter Grant is 2nd with 36.5% of the vote.

2009 (15 Jan.) - Tom Chalmers, Nat. Treasurer 1990-94, dead, aged 49.

2009 (6 Feb.) - Bashir Ahmad, Regional List MSP for Glasgow, dead, aged 69. Replaced by Anne McLaughlin.

2009 (10 Feb.) - Keith Brown is Minister for Schools & Skills. Succeeds Maureen Watt.

2009 (23 Feb.) - First Minister meets with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the State Department in Washington.

2009 (1 Apr.) - JACKIE DUNBAR is Depute Provost of Aberdeen.

2009 (4 Apr.) - Sir NEIL MacCORMICK, law professor and MEP 1999-2004, dead, aged 67.

2009 (4 Jun.) - European Elections. 6 candidates (29.1%) and 2 MEPs: IAN HUDGHTON and ALYN SMITH. The first time the SNP had ever won a UK-wide election in Scotland.

2009 (1 Jul.) - SNP headquarters moves to Gordon Lamb House, 3 Jackson's Entry, Edinburgh.

2009 (18 Aug.) - Scottish Cabinet meets at Old Town House, Aberdeen. The First Minister later addressed an audience of 250 at a National Conversation event in nearby Elphinstone Hall.

2009 (15-18 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness.  William Henderson is Nat. Secretary.

2009 (12 Nov.) - Glasgow North East UK Parliamentary by-election. David Kerr is 2nd with 20.0% of the vote.

2009 (30 Nov.) - White Paper entitled Your Scotland, Your Voice published as culmination to the National Conversation.

2009 (1 Dec.) - Michael Russell is Cabinet Secretary for Education & Lifelong Learning.  Succeeds Fiona Hyslop.

2009 (Dec.) - Membership is over 15,000.

2010 (4 Jan.) - Harry C. Rankin, Nat. Treasurer 1965-66, dead, aged 77.

2010 (25 Feb.) - Draft Referendum Billon independence or additional powers for Scottish Parliament, published for public consultation.

2010 (18 Mar.) - WILLIAM WOLFE, SNP Deputy Leader 1966-69, SNP Leader 1969-79, SNP President 1980-82, dead, aged 86.

2010 (Mar.) Independence magazine launched.

2010 (6 May) - UK General Election. 59 candidates (19.9%) and 6 MPs: MICHAEL WEIR (Angus), EILIDH WHITEFORD (Banff & Buchan), STEWART HOSIE (Dundee East), ANGUS ROBERTSON (Moray), ANGUS MacNEIL (Na h-Eileanan an Iar) and PETE WISHART (Perth & North Perthshire). John Mason loses Glasgow East.   Aberdeen North: JOANNA STRATHDEE.   Aberdeen South: MARK McDONALD.

2010 (24 Jul.) - aberdeensnp.org website goes online.

2010 (10 Aug.) - Jimmy Reid, who led the Clyde shipyard "work-in" in 1971-72, dead, aged 78.

2010 (7 Sep.) - Draft Referendum Bill withdrawn, due to opposition of unionist parties in Scottish Parliament.

2010 (14-17 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Perth.

2010 (30 Nov.) - Scotland Bill is published by UK Government.

2010 (Dec.) -  Membership is about 16,000.

2011 (5 May) - Scottish General Election. 73 candidates (45.4%) and 53 Constituency MSPs. Plus 16 Regional List MSPs (44.0%). Total 69.  ALEX SALMOND is First Minister and Nicola Sturgeon Deputy First Minister at head of majority Government. Leader of the Opposition: Iain Gray (Labour).   Presiding Officer: Tricia Marwick.   

For a full list of MSPs elected, see Appendix A below.


2011 (5 May) - Alternative Vote Referendum.  "AV instead of 'first-past-the post' for UK elections?"   In Scotland - Yes vote:  713,813 (36.4%).   No vote: 1,249,375 (63.6%).  Turnout: 50.7%.

2011 (9 May) -  Aberdeen's statue of King Robert the Bruce is unveiled by newly-elected MSP, Kevin Stewart.

2011 (19 May) - NEIL MacGREGOR wins by-election for the Dyce, Bucksburn & Danestone ward of Aberdeen City Council. SNP is now the largest group on the Council for the first time, and CALLUM McCAIG becomes Group Leader.

2011 (29 May) - Rosemary Hall, Nat. Secretary 1972-75, dead, aged 86. 

2011 (18 Jun.) - Derek Mackay is SNP Business Convener (Chairman).

2011 (23 Jun.) - GORDON TOWNSON wins by-election for the Airyhall, Broomhill & Garthdee ward of Aberdeen City Council.

2011 (29 Jun.) - CALLUM McCAIG is elected Leader of Aberdeen City Council. Coalition with Liberal Democrats continues.

2011 (30 Jun.) - Inverclyde UK Parliamentary by-election. Ann McLaughlin is 2nd with 33.0% of the vote.

2011 (20-23 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Inverness.

2011 (17 Dec.) - Johann Lamont is the Labour leader of the Opposition at Holyrood.

2011 (Dec.) - Membership is about 20,000.

2012 (10 Jan.) - Scottish Cabinet announces that the Referendum on independence will be held in autumn 2014.

2012 (25 Jan.) - Consultation paper on Referendum published.

2012 (18 Apr.) - Scotland Bill is endorsed by Scottish Parliament.

2012 (25 Apr.) - Stephen Maxwell, Vice-Chairman: (Policy) 1979-81 and (Local Govt.) 1981-82, dead, aged 69.

2012 (3 May) - Local Government Elections. 613 candidates (32.3%) and 425 councillors. Aberdeen: 15 cllrs. Labour forms administration with Con. and Ind. members.  Aberdeen councillors are listed at Appendix D below.

2012 (25 May) - Yes Scotland campaign launched.

2012 (31 May) - Scottish Parliament votes in favour of independence.

2012 (5 Sept.) - Nicola Sturgeon is Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure, Investment & Cities, and will also have  responsibility for Government Strategy & the Constitution. Alex Neil is Cabinet Secretary for Health & Wellbeing. Bruce Crawford retires as Cabinet Secretary for Parliamentary Business & Government Strategy. Joe Fitzpatrick is Minister for Parliamentary Business. Succeeds Brian Adam.

2012 (22 Sep.) - March & Rally for Independence in Edinburgh.

2012 (15 Oct.) - The Edinburgh Agreement. Terms of Referendum assented to by Scottish and UK Governments.

2012 (18-21 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Perth.  Patrick Grady is Nat. Secretary.

2012 (Dec.) - Membership is about 24,000.

2013 (3 Jan.) - JAMES HALLIDAY, SNP Leader 1956-60, dead, aged 85.

2013 (21 Mar.) - Scottish Independence Referendum Bill is published. The Referendum will be held on 18 Sept. 2014.

2013 (25 Apr.) - BRIAN ADAM, Regional List MSP for North-East 1999-2003 and Aberdeen North/Donside MSP 2003-13, dead, aged 64.

2013 (15 May) - CHRISTIAN ALLARD becomes Regional List MSP for North-East.  Replaces Mark McDonald.

2013 ( 1 Jun.) - National Council at Menzies Hotel, Dyce, Aberdeen.

2013 (20 Jun.) - MARK McDONALD wins by-election for Scottish Parliamentary seat of Aberdeen Donside, with 42.0% of the vote.

2013 (27 Jun.) - Voting age reduced to 16 for Independence Referendum in 2014.

2013 (6 Jul.) - Kay Matheson, one of the students who recovered the Stone of Destiny in 1950, dead, aged 84.

2013 (23 Jul.) - Allison Hunter, Nat. Organiser 1990-2002, dead, aged 71.

2013 (9 Sep.) - Bill Walker resigns as MSP for Dunfermline.

2013 (21 Sep.) - March & Rally for Independence in Edinburgh.

2013 (17-20 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Perth.

2013 (24 Oct.) - Dunfermline Scottish Parliamentary by-election. Shirley-Anne Somerville is 2nd with 30.5% of the vote.

2013 (14 Nov.) - Scottish Independence Referendum Bill is passed by Scottish Parliament.

2013 (26 Nov.) - Scotland's Future, the detailed blueprint for Independence, is published. 

2013 (3 Dec.) - Hugh MacDonald, Vice-Chairman (Publicity) 1969-72, dead, aged 84.

2013 (Dec.) - Membership is about 25,000

2014 (23 Jan.) - Cowdenbeath Scottish Parliamentary by-election. Natalie McGarry is 2nd with 28.4% of the vote.

2014 (4 Apr.) - MARGO MacDONALD, Glasgow Govan MP 1973-74, SNP Deputy Leader 1974-79, Regional List MSP for Lothian: SNP 1999-2003 and Ind. 2003-14, dead, aged 70. 

2014 (11-12 Apr.) - Spring Conference at Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen.

2014 (12 Apr.) - HAMISH WATT, Banffshire MP 1974-79, dead, aged 88.

2014 (22 Apr.) - Shona Robison is Cabinet Secretary for Sport, Equalities & Pensioners' Rights.  Angela Constance is Cabinet Secretary for Training, Youth & Female Employment.

2014 (3 May) - Dick Douglas, Dunfermline West MP 1990-92, dead, aged 82.

2014 (22 May) - European Elections. 6 candidates (29.0%) and 2 MEPs: IAN HUDGHTON and ALYN SMITH.

2014 (16 Jun.) - Draft Scottish Independence Bill, including an interim national Constitution, published for public consultation.

2014 (17 Sep.) - Membership is 25,642.

2014 (18 Sep.) - Independence Referendum. "Should Scotland be an independent country?" -  Yes vote: 1,617,989 (44.7%). No vote: 2,001,926 (55.3%).  Turnout: 84.6%.     

2014 (19 Sep.) - IAIN MacCORMICK, Argyll MP 1974-79, dead, aged 75.

2014 (19 Sep.) - Alex Salmond says he will step down as First Minister, and also as SNP Leader, in November.

2014 (23 Sep.) - Membership is 52,034.                                                                                                                                   

2014 (27 Sep.) - Rally for Independence outside Scottish Parliament.

2014 (10 Oct.) - Membership is 80,000

2014 (12 Oct.) - Rally for Independence in George Square, Glasgow.

2014 (13-15 Nov.) - Annual National Conference, Perth.  NICOLA STURGEON (pictured) is SNP Leader. Stewart Hosie is Deputy Leader. Conference is now a three-day event.

2014 (19 Nov.) - NICOLA STURGEON is elected as First Minister of Scotland.

2014 (21 Nov.) - John Swinney is Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Constitution & the Economy. Other Cabinet Secretaries: Keith Brown (Infrastructure, Investment & Cities), Shona Robison (Health, Wellbeing & Sport), Michael Matheson (Justice), Angela Constance (Education & Lifelong Learning), Roseanna Cunningham (Fair Work, Skills & Training), Alex Neil (Social Justice, Communities & Pensioners' Rights), Richard Lochhead (Rural Affairs, Food & the Environment) and Fiona Hyslop (Culture, Europe & External Affairs).  Maureen Watt is Minister for Public Health.

2014 (22 Nov.) - First Minister addresses audience of 12,000 at roadshow event in SSE Hydro arena in Glasgow.

2014 (7 Dec.) - Membership is over 93,000

2014 (13 Dec.) - Kezia Dugdale is the Labour leader of the Opposition at Holyrood.

2015 (1 Jan.) - Revenue Scotland is established, to administer and collect devolved taxes.

2015 (22 Jan.) - Draft Scotland Bill is published by UK Government.

2015 (1 Feb.) - Gordon Murray, Vice-Chairman: (Policy) 1970-72 and (Local Government) 1983-85, Provost of Cumbernauld 1968-  , dead, aged 87.

2015 (3 Mar.) - Scotland's Economic Strategy is published.

2015 (21 Mar.) - Membership is 100,000.

2015 (25 Apr.) - Rally for Independence in George Square, Glasgow.

2015 (7 May) -  UK General Election. 59 candidates (50.0%) and 56 MPs. Angus Robertson is SNP Group Leader and Stewart Hosie Deputy Group Leader.  For a full list of MPs elected, see Appendix B  below.

2015 (11 May) - JACKIE DUNBAR is SNP Group Leader in Aberdeen City Council.

2015 (18 Jun.)Voting age reduced to 16 for elections to Scottish Parliament and Local Government.

2015 (30 Jul.) - NEIL COPLAND wins Hilton, Woodside & Stockethill and STEPHEN FLYNN wins Kincorth, Nigg & Cove, in Aberdeen City Council by-elections.

2015 (1 Oct.) - MICHAEL HUTCHISON wins George Street & Harbour and ALEX NICOLL wins Midstocket & Rosemount, in Aberdeen City Council by-elections.

2015 (15-17 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen. 

2016 (15 Mar.) - STEPHEN FLYNN is SNP Group Leader in Aberdeen City Council.

2016 (16 Mar.) - Scotland Bill is endorsed by Scottish Parliament.

2016 (31 Mar.) - Scottish Elections (Dates) Act.  Parliamentary term is extended to five years.

2016 (Apr.) - Insight  business magazine launched.

2016 (20 Apr.) - Election manifesto presentation at Edinburgh International Conference Centre is attended by 1,400.

2016 (5 May) - Scottish General Election. 73 candidates (46.5%) and 59 Constituency MSPs. Plus 4 Regional List MSPs (41.7%). Total 63. NICOLA STURGEON is First Minister and John Swinney Deputy First Minister at head of minority Government. Leader of the Opposition: Ruth Davidson (Conservative).  Presiding Officer: Ken Macintosh.   

For a full list of MSPs elected, see Appendix A below.

2016 (18 May) - Kevin Stewart is Minister for Local Government & Housing, Maureen Watt is Minister for Mental Health and Mark McDonald is Minister for Childcare & Early Years.

2016 (26 May) - Scottish Parliament votes in favour of UK remaining a member of the European Union.

2016 (23 Jun.) - EU Referendum. "Should the UK remain in or leave the European Union?"  In Scotland -- Remain vote: 1,661,191 (62.0%).  Leave vote: 1,018,332 (38.0%).  The UK narrowly voted to leave the EU.

2016 (29 Jun.) - First Minister goes to Brussels to meet with Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.

2016 (22 Jul.) - Membership is 120,200.

2016 (30 Jul.) - Rally for Independence in George Square, Glasgow.

2016 (25 Aug.) - Michael Russell is appointed as Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe. 

2016 (2 Sep.) - National Survey launched.

2016 (16 Sep.) - Growth Commission is established.

2016 (13-15 Oct.)Annual National Conference, Glasgow. Angus Robertson is SNP Deputy Leader. Dr. Angus MacLeod is Nat. Secretary.

2016 (20 Oct.) - Draft Scottish Independence Referendum Bill is published for consultation.

2016 (29 Nov.) - First Minister receives a standing ovation when she addresses the Irish Senate in Dublin.

2016 (23 Dec.) - GEORGE THOMPSON, Galloway MP 1974-79, dead, aged 88.

2016 (31 Dec.) - Andrew Currie, Vice-Chairman (Organisation) 1981-82, dead, aged 80.

2017 (17-18 Mar.) - Spring Conference, at Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen.

2017 (28 Mar.) -  Scottish Parliament passes Government motion authorising negotiations on the holding of a Scottish Independence Referendum.

2017 (4 Apr.) - First Minister delivers Scotland's Place In The World  address at Stanford University in California.

2017 (5 Apr.) - First Minister makes speech on human rights at the United Nations in New York.

2017 (6 Apr.) - First Minister meets Hillary Clinton at Women in the World event in Lincoln Center, New York.

2017 (4 May) - Local Government Elections. 627 candidates (32.3%) and 431 councillors.    Aberdeen: 19 cllrs.  Labour forms administration with Con. and Ind. members.  Aberdeen councillors are listed at Appendix D below.

2017 (18 May) - EVA BOLANDER is the first SNP Lord Provost of Glasgow. FRANK ROSS is Lord Provost of Edinburgh.

2017 (30 May) - Election manifesto presentation at Perth Concert Hall is attended by 1,400.

2017 (3 Jun.) - March for Independence in Glasgow.

2017 (8 Jun.) - UK General Election. 59 candidates (36.9%) and 35 MPs. Ian Blackford is SNP Group Leader and Kirsty Blackman Deputy Group Leader.  For a full list of MPs elected, see Appendix B below.

2017 (8 Jun.) - Ettrick, Roxburgh & Berwickshire Scottish Parliamentary by-election. Gail Hendry is 2nd with 29.3% of the vote.

2017 (25 Jun.) - GORDON WILSON, SNP Deputy Leader 1973-74, Dundee East MP 1974-87, SNP Leader 1979-90, dead, aged 79.

2017 (8-10 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Glasgow.

2017 (7 Nov.) - Maree Todd is Minister for Children & Young People. Succeeds Mark McDonald.

2018 (Jan.) - Membership is 118,200.

2018 (6 Mar.) -  Mark McDonald, MSP for Aberdeen Donside, is obliged to resign from the party.

2018 (21 Mar.) - UK Withdrawal from the EU (Legal Continuity) Bill is passed by the Scottish Parliament.

2018 (23 Mar.) - Hands Off Our Parliament demonstration at Holyrood.                                                      

2018 (25 Apr.) - Social Security (Scotland) Bill is passed unanimously by the Scottish Parliement.

2018 (5 May)March for Independence in Glasgow.                                      

2018 (15 May) -  UK Government's EU Withdrawal Bill is decisively rejected by Scottish Parliament.    

2018 (May) - John Smart, Nat. Secretary 1953-60, dead, aged 91.                                                       

2018 (25 May) - Growth Commission report is published.

2018 (2 Jun.) - March for Independence in Dumfries.                               

2018 (8-9 Jun.) - Spring Conference, at Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen.  Keith Brown  (pictured) is SNP Deputy Leader.

2018 (13 Jun.) - Party's MPs walk out of UK Parliament, after derisory time allocated for EU exit-devolution debate. 

2018 (23 Jun.) - Bannockburn march and rally in Stirling is attended by 8,000.

2018 (26 Jun.) - Derek Mackay is Sec. for Finance, Economy & Fair Work. Other Cabinet changes: Michael Russell (Government Business & Constitutional Relations), Jeane Freeman (Health & Sport), Humza Yousaf (Justice), Aileen Campbell (Communities & Local Government), Shirley-Anne Somerville (Social Security & Older People), Michael Matheson (Transport, Infrastructure & Connectivity).   Kevin Stewart is Minister for Local Government, Housing & Planning. Clare Haughey is Minister for Mental Health. Succeeds Maureen Watt.

2018 (4 Jul.) - UK Parliament endorses the Claim of Right for Scotland, affirmed by the Scottish Constitutional Convention in 1989. 

2018 (28 Jul.) - March for Independence in Inverness.

2018 (18 Aug.) - Dundee March for Independence.

2018 (21 Aug.) - Membership is 125,482.  Now exceeds that of the entire UK Conservative Party.

2018 (29 Aug.) - Former First Minister Alex Salmond resigns from the party amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

2018 (Sep.) - The Just Transition Commission is established. It will recommend how to maximize the economic and social opportunities of decarbonization, and mitigate risks from the transition. 

2018 (6 Oct,) - March for Independence in Edinburgh. 

2018 (7-9 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, Glasgow.  Revised Party Constitution is agreed.

2018 (3 Nov.) - Kirsten Oswald is SNP Business Convener (Chairman).

2018 (7 Nov.) - Scottish Parliament votes in favour of holding a 2nd Referendum on UK membership of the European Union.

2018 (21 Nov.) - Scottish Crown Estate Bill is passed by Scottish Parliament.

2018 (4 Dec.) - First Minister speaks at UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP) in Katowice, Poland, and is interviewed by former US Vice-President Al Gore.

2018 (18 Dec.) - Party's Parliamentary Group and smaller opposition parties table a motion of No Confidence in the UK Government. 

2019 (4 Feb.) - First Minister delivers Scotland, Brexit & the Future address at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

2019 (7 Feb.) - First Minister hosts a Scotland Is Now reception in Ottawa.

2019 (8 Feb.) - First Minister opens Stock Exchange in Toronto.

2019 (19 Feb.) - First Minister addresses the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French Parliament.

2019 (16 Mar.) - Paul H. Scott, writer and former diplomat and SNP Vice-President, dead, aged 98.

2019 (27 Mar.) - Scottish Parliament votes to revoke UK exit from European Union if 2nd Referendum not held.

2019 (30 Apr.) - First Minister meets with Iceland PM Katrin Jakobsdottir at Bute House.

2019 (4 May) - March for Independence in Glasgow.

2019 (23 May) - European Elections. 6 candidates (37.8%) and 3 MEPs: ALYN SMITH, CHRISTIAN ALLARD and AILEEN McLEOD.

2019 (27 May) - First Minister meets with Irish PM Leo Varadkar in Dublin.

2019 (29 May) - Referendums (Scotland) Bill is published. It will provide a legal framework for the holding of referendums on any matters within Scotland’s control. 

2019 (11 Jun.) - First Minister meets with EU President Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier in Brussels.

2019 (21 Jun.) - Scottish Elections (Franchise & Representation) Bill is published.

2019 (17 Aug.) - March for Independence in Aberdeen is attended by 10,000. The march route was Albyn Place and Union Street to a rally in the Castlegate. Big marches and rallies also took place in other towns in June-September.

2019 (29 Aug.) - Shetland Scottish Parliamentary by-election. Tom Wills is 2nd with 32.3% of the vote.

2019 (5 Sep.) - Scottish Parliament votes to oppose the UK leaving the European Union without a deal, in any circumstances.

2019 (17 Sep.) - First Minister receives an M100 Media Award for her pro-European stance, in Potsdam, Germany.

2019 (3 Oct.) - JESSICA MENNIE is elected as a Councillor for Bridge of Don in an Aberdeen City Council by-election.

2019 (5 Oct.) - March for Independence in Edinburgh.

2019 (11 Oct.) -  First meeting, in Stirling, of the Social Justice & Fairness Commission.

2019 (13-15 Oct.) - Annual National Conference, The Event Complex Aberdeen. 

2019 (2 Nov.) - IndyRef2020 Rally, in George Square, Glasgow is addressed by First Minister.

2019 (21 Nov.) - AUDREY NICOLL wins by-election for the Torry & Ferryhill ward of Aberdeen City Council.

2019 (12 Dec.) - UK General Election. 59 candidates (45.0%) and 48 MPs.  Ian Blackford is SNP Group Leader and Kirsty Blackman Deputy Group Leader.  For a full list of MPs elected, see Appendix B below..

2019 (18 Dec.) - Alyn Smith MP resigns as a Member of the European Parliament, and is replaced by Heather Anderson.

2019 (19 Dec.) - Referendums (Scotland) Act 2020  is passed by the Scottish Parliament. The First Minister asks Westminster for the transfer of powers to hold a referendum on Scottish independence.

2019 (31 Dec.) - Membership is 125,691.

2020 (8 Jan.) - Scottish Parliament votes to reject deal which will take the UK out of the European Union.

2020 (9 Jan.) - First Minister meets with Norwegian PM Erna Solberg in Oslo.

2020 (11 Jan.) - March for Independence in Glasgow.

2020 (14 Jan.) - Transfer of powers to hold an Independence Referendum is refused by UK Government.

2020 (20 Jan.) - ALEX NICOLL is SNP Group Leader in Aberdeen City Council.

2020 (29 Jan.) - Scottish Parliament votes, by 64 to 54, to hold an Independence Referendum later in the year. 

2020 (31 Jan.) - UK leaves the European Union. Demonstrations in Glasgow and outside the Scottish Parliament.

2020 (6 Feb.) - Derek Mackay resigns as Sec. for Finance & Digital Economy.                                                                       

2020 (10 Feb.) - First Minister meets with Michel Barnier in Brussels, to discuss Scotland’s future relationship with the EU.

2020 (17 Feb.) - Kate Forbes (pictured) is Sec. for Finance & Digital Economy.  Other Cabinet changes: Michael Russell (Constitution, Europe & External Affairs), Fiona Hyslop (Economy, Fair Work & Culture), Fergus Ewing (Rural Economy & Tourism).  

2020 (20 Feb.) - Scottish Elections (Franchise & Representation) Act  is passed by the Scottish Parliament. It will enable foreign nationals to vote in Scottish Parliamentary and Local Government elections.

2020 (24 Jun.) - UK Government refuses to grant Scotland the economic powers it urgently requires to assist in its recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. 

2020 (7 Jul.) - Kirsten Oswald MP is Deputy Group Leader at Westminster. Succeeds Kirsty Blackman MP, who resigned due to ill-health.

2020  (8 Jul.) - Scottish Elections (Reform) Act. 

2020 (4-6 Aug.) -  National Assembly is held online, due to pandemic.

2020 (8 Aug.) - A commitment to hold an early Referendum on Independence will be in the manifesto for the 2021 Scottish General Election. 

2020 (7 Oct.) - Scottish Parliament votes, by 90 to 28, to reject UK Internal Market Bill.

2020 (14 Oct.) - Opinion poll puts support for Scottish independence at 58%.

2020 (31 Oct.) - Sir Sean Connery, outstanding member and actor, dead, aged 90.

2020 (5 Nov.) - MIRANDA RADLEY wins by-election for the Kincorth, Nigg & Cove ward of Aberdeen City Council.

2020 (28-30 Nov.) - Annual National Conference. Online only, due to pandemic. Michael Russell is SNP President.  Stewart Stevenson is Nat. Secretary.  Douglas Chapman is Nat. Treasurer.

2020 (16 Dec.) - Drew Hendry MP is suspended from UK Parliament for loudly objecting to the UK Internal Market Bill.  

2020 (23 Dec.) - Scottish General Election (Coronavirus) Act is passed by Scottish Parliament. It will provide powers, if required, to introduce special measures for the conduct of the May 2021 election.

2020 (30 Dec.) - Scottish Parliament votes, by 92 to 30, to reject UK Government's post-exit trade deal with European Union.

2020 (31 Dec.) - Membership is 105,393.

2021 (4 Jan.) - Kay Ullrich, Regional List MSP for West of Scot. 1999-2003, dead, aged 77.

2021 (19 Jan.) - Scottish Parliament rejects UK Government's Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill.

2021 (24 Jan.) - National Assembly is held online, due to pandemic.

2021 (1 Feb.) - Shadow Cabinet in UK Parliament is reshuffled.

2021 (15 Mar.) - Housing To 2040, the first long-term housing strategy, is published.

2021 (22 Mar.) - Draft Scottish Independence Referendum Bill is published.

2021 (6 May) - Scottish General Election. 73 candidates (47.7%) and 62 Constituency MSPs.  Plus 2 Regional List MSPs (40.3%). Total 64.  NICOLA STURGEON is First Minister and John Swinney Deputy First Minister at head of minority Government.  Leader of the Opposition: Douglas Ross (Conservative).  Presiding Officer: Alison Johnstone. 

For a full list of MSPs elected, see Appendix A below.


2021 (13 May)ANUM QAISAR-JAVED wins the UK Parliamentary seat of Airdrie & Shotts in a by-election, with 46.4% of the vote.

2021 (19 May) - Kevin Stewart is Minister for Mental Wellbeing & Social Care.

2021 (31 May) - Membership is over 119,000.

2021 (17 Jun.) - Colin Beattie is Nat. Treasurer.

2021 (18 Jun.) - ANDREW WELSH, Angus South MP 1974-79; Angus East MP 1987-97; Angus MP 1997-2001; Angus MSP 1999-2011, dead, aged 77.

2021 (19 Jun.) - Michael Russell is Political Director of HQ Independence Unit. Will oversee development of the Independence Referendum campaign.

2021 (1 Jul.) - First Minister speaks at the Austrian World Summit climate conference in Vienna.

2021 (20 Aug.) - Co-operation agreement with the Green Party.

2021 (30 Aug.) - Green Party Ministers join Government: Patrick Harvie is Min. for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel & Tenants' Rights.  Lorna Slater is Min. for Green Skills, Circular Economy & Biodiversity.

2021 (9 Sep.) - Bruce McFee, Regional List MSP for West of Scot. 2003-07, dead, aged 60. 

2021 (10-13 Sep.) - Special National Conference. Online only, due to pandemic. Independence Referendum by end of 2023.

2021 (10 Oct.) - Colin Bell, Vice-Chairman (Publicity) 1978-84, dead, aged 83.

2021 (12 Oct.) - First Minister meets with UN Deputy Secretary General Amina J. Mohammed at Bute House.

2021 (1 Nov.) - First Minister meets US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Glasgow. At the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), held at the SECC on 31 Oct.-12 Nov. 

2021 (6 Nov.) - March for Independence in Glasgow. 

2021 (8 Nov.) - External Affairs Cabinet Secretary Angus Robertson hosts reception for prominent US politicians at Edinburgh Castle.

2021 (26-29 Nov.) - Annual National Conference. Online only, due to pandemic. Lorna Finn is Nat. Secretary.

2021 (30 Nov.) - Angus Robertson will lead preparation of detailed prospectus for debate on Independence Referendum.



Appendix AMembers of Scottish Parliament elected in 1999--2021.

2021 (6 May) -- Scottish General Election. 73 candidates (47.7%) and 62 Constituency MSPs: Kevin Stewart (Aberdeen Central), Jackie Dunbar (Aberdeen Donside), Audrey Nicoll (Aberdeen South & North Kincardine), Gillian Martin (Aberdeenshire East), Neil Gray (Airdrie & Shotts), Angela Constance (Almond Valley), Mairi Gougeon (Angus North & Mearns), Graeme Dey (Angus South), Jenni Minto (Argyll & Bute), Siobhian Brown< (Ayr),  Karen Adam (Banffshire & Buchan Coast), Maree Todd (Caithness, Sutherland & Ross), Elena Whitham (Carrick, Cumnock & Doon Valley), Keith Brown (Clackmannanshire & Dunblane), Marie McNair (Clydebank & Milngavie), Mairi McAllan (Clydesdale), Fulton MacGregor (Coatbridge & Chryston), Annabelle Ewing (Cowdenbeath), Jamie Hepburn (Cumbernauld & Kilsyth), Kenneth Gibson (Cunninghame North), Ruth Maguire (Cunninghame South), Shona Robison (Dundee City East), Joe FitzPatrick (Dundee City West), Shirley-Anne Somerville (Dunfermline), Collette Stevenson (East Kilbride), Paul McLennan* (East Lothian), Angus Robertson< (Edinburgh Central), Ash Regan (Edinburgh Eastern), Ben Macpherson (Edinburgh Northern & Leith), Gordon MacDonald (Edinburgh Pentlands), Michelle Thomson (Falkirk East), Michael Matheson (Falkirk West), Jenny Gilruth (Fife,Mid & Glenrothes), Bill Kidd (Glasgow Anniesland), James Dornan (Glasgow Cathcart), Kaukab Stewart (Glasgow Kelvin), Bob Doris (Glasgow Maryhill & Springburn), Humza Yousaf (Glasgow Pollok), Ivan McKee (Glasgow Provan), John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston), Nicola Sturgeon (Glasgow Southside), Stuart McMillan (Greenock & Inverclyde), Christina McKelvie (Hamilton, Larkhall & Stonehouse), Fergus Ewing (Inverness & Nairn), Willie Coffey (Kilmarnock & Irvine Valley), David Torrance (Kirkcaldy), Fiona Hyslop (Linlithgow), Colin Beattie (Midlothian North & Musselburgh), Christine Grahame (Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale), Richard Lochhead (Moray), Clare Adamson (Motherwell & Wishaw), Alasdair Allan (Na h-Eileanan an Iar), George Adam (Paisley), John Swinney (Perthshire North), Jim Fairlie (Perthshire South & Kinross-shire), Natalie Don (Renfrewshire North & West), Tom Arthur (Renfrewshire South), Clare Haughey (Rutherglen), Kate Forbes (Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch), Evelyn Tweed (Stirling), Rona Mackay (Strathkelvin & Bearsden), Stephanie Callaghan (Uddingston & Bellshill).      *= gain from Labour.   <= gains from Conservatives.

Also 2 Regional List MSPs (40.3%): Highlands & Islands:  Emma RoddickSouth: Emma Harper.  Total 62+2 =64. 

NICOLA STURGEON is First Minister and John Swinney Deputy First Minister at head of minority Government. Cabinet Secretaries: John Swinney (Covid Recovery), Kate Forbes (Finance & the Economy), Angus Robertson (Constitution, External Affairs & Culture), Shirley-Anne Somerville (Education & Skills), Humza Yousaf (Health & Social Care), Keith Brown (Justice), Shona Robison (Social Justice, Housing & Local Government), Michael Matheson (Net Zero, Energy & Transport) and Mairi Gougeon (Rural Affairs & Islands).  Leader of the Opposition: Douglas Ross (Conservative).  Presiding Officer: Alison Johnstone.


2016 (5 May) -- Scottish General Election73 candidates (46.5%) and 59 Constituency MSPs: Kevin Stewart (Aberdeen Central), Mark McDonald (Aberdeen Donside), Maureen Watt (Aberdeen South & North Kincardine), Gillian Martin (Aberdeenshire East), Alex Neil (Airdrie & Shotts), Angela Constance (Almond Valley), Mairi Gougeon (Angus North & Mearns), Graeme Dey (Angus South), Michael Russell (Argyll & Bute), Stewart Stevenson (Banffshire & Buchan Coast), Gail Ross (Caithness, Sutherland & Ross), Jeane Freeman (Carrick, Cumnock & Doon Valley), Keith Brown (Clackmannanshire & Dunblane), Gil Paterson (Clydebank & Milngavie), Aileen Campbell (Clydesdale), Fulton MacGregor* (Coatbridge & Chryston), Annabelle Ewing* (Cowdenbeath), Jamie Hepburn (Cumbernauld & Kilsyth), Kenneth Gibson (Cunninghame North), Ruth Maguire (Cunninghame South), Shona Robison (Dundee City East), Joe FitzPatrick (Dundee City West, Shirley-Anne Somerville* (Dunfermline), Linda Fabiani (East Kilbride), Ash Regan (Edinburgh Eastern), Ben Macpherson* (Edinburgh Northern & Leith), Gordon MacDonald (Edinburgh Pentlands), Angus MacDonald (Falkirk East), Michael Matheson (Falkirk West), Jenny Gilruth (Fife,Mid & Glenrothes), Bill Kidd (Glasgow Anniesland), James Dornan (Glasgow Cathcart), Sandra White (Glasgow Kelvin), Bob Doris* (Glasgow Maryhill & Springburn), Humza Yousaf* (Glasgow Pollok), Ivan McKee* (Glasgow Provan), John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston), Nicola Sturgeon (Glasgow Southside), Stuart McMillan* (Greenock & Inverclyde), Christina McKelvie (Hamilton, Larkhall & Stonehouse), Fergus Ewing (Inverness & Nairn), Willie Coffey (Kilmarnock & Irvine Valley), David Torrance (Kirkcaldy), Fiona Hyslop (Linlithgow), Colin Beattie (Midlothian North & Musselburgh), Christine Grahame (Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale), Richard Lochhead (Moray), Clare Adamson* (Motherwell & Wishaw), Alasdair Allan (Na h-Eileanan an Iar), George Adam (Paisley), John Swinney (Perthshire North), Roseanna Cunningham (Perthshire South & Kinross-shire), Derek Mackay (Renfrewshire North & West), Tom Arthur* (Renfrewshire South), Clare Haughey* (Rutherglen), Kate Forbes (Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch), Bruce Crawford (Stirling), Rona Mackay (Strathkelvin & Bearsden), Richard Lyle* (Uddingston & Bellshill).      *= gains from Labour.

Also 4 Regional List MSPs (41.7%):  Highlands & IslandsMaree ToddSouthEmma Harper, Joan McAlpine & Paul Wheelhouse. Total 59+4 =63.  

NICOLA STURGEON is First Minister and John Swinney Deputy First Minister at head of minority Government. Cabinet Secretaries: John Swinney (Education & Skills), Derek Mackay (Finance & Constitution), Keith Brown (Economy, Jobs & Fair Work), Shona Robison (Health & Sport), Michael Matheson (Justice), Angela Constance (Communities, Social Security & Equalities), Fergus Ewing (Rural Economy & Connectivity), Roseanna Cunningham (Environment, Climate Change & Land Reform) and Fiona Hyslop (Culture, Tourism & External Affairs).  Leader of the Opposition: Ruth Davidson (Conservative). Presiding Officer: Ken Macintosh.


2011 (5 May) -- Scottish General Election. 73 candidates (45.4%) and 53 Constituency MSPs: Kevin Stewart* (Aberdeen Central), Brian Adam (Aberdeen Donside), Maureen Watt+ (Aberdeen South & North Kincardine), Alex Salmond (Aberdeenshire East), Dennis Robertson+ (Aberdeenshire West), Alex Neil* (Airdrie & Shotts), Angela Constance (Almond Valley), Nigel Don (Angus North & Mearns), Graeme Dey (Angus South), Michael Russell (Argyll & Bute), Stewart Stevenson (Banffshire & Buchan Coast), Rob Gibson+ (Caithness, Sutherland & Ross), Adam Ingram* (Carrick, Cumnock & Doon Valley), Keith Brown (Clackmannanshire & Dunblane), Gil Paterson* (Clydebank & Milngavie), Aileen Campbell* (Clydesdale), Jamie Hepburn* (Cumbernauld & Kilsyth), Kenneth Gibson (Cunninghame North), Margaret Burgess* (Cunninghame South), Shona Robison (Dundee City East), Joe FitzPatrick (Dundee City West), Bill Walker+ (Dunfermline), Linda Fabiani* (East Kilbride), Marco Biagi* (Edinburgh Central), Kenny MacAskill (Edinburgh Eastern), Gordon MacDonald< (Edinburgh Pentlands), Jim Eadie+ (Edinburgh Southern), Colin Keir+ (Edinburgh Western), Angus MacDonald* (Falkirk East), Michael Matheson (Falkirk West), Tricia Marwick (Fife,Mid & Glenrothes), Roderick Campbell+ (Fife North-East), Bill Kidd* (Glasgow Anniesland), James Dornan* (Glasgow Cathcart), Sandra White* (Glasgow Kelvin), John Mason* (Glasgow Shettleston), Nicola Sturgeon (Glasgow Southside), Christina McKelvie* (Hamilton, Larkhall & Stonehouse), Fergus Ewing (Inverness & Nairn), Willie Coffey (Kilmarnock & Irvine Valley), David Torrance* (Kirkcaldy), Fiona Hyslop* (Linlithgow), Colin Beattie* (Midlothian North & Musselburgh), Christine Grahame+ (Midlothian South, Tweeddale & Lauderdale), Richard Lochhead (Moray), Alasdair Allan (Na h-Eileanan an Iar), George Adam* (Paisley), John Swinney (Perthshire North), Roseanna Cunningham (Perthshire South & Kinross-shire), Derek Mackay* (Renfrewshire North & West), Dave Thompson+ (Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch), Bruce Crawford (Stirling), Fiona McLeod* (Strathkelvin & Bearsden).  *=gains from Labour.   +=gains from Liberal Democrats.   <=gain from Conservatives.

Also 16 Regional List MSPs (44.0%): North-East: Mark McDonald. Highlands & Islands: John Finnie, Mike MacKenzie & Jean Urquhart. West: Stuart McMillan & Stewart Maxwell. Glasgow: Bob Doris & Humza Yousaf. Central: Clare Adamson, Richard Lyle & John Wilson. Mid & Fife: Annabelle Ewing. Lothian: nil. South: Chic Brodie, Joan McAlpine,  Aileen McLeod & Paul Wheelhouse. Total 53+16 =69. 

ALEX SALMOND is First Minister and Nicola Sturgeon Deputy First Minister at head of majority Government. Cabinet Secretaries: Nicola Sturgeon (Health, Wellbeing & Cities Strategy), John Swinney (Finance, Employment & Sustainable Growth), Kenny MacAskill (Justice), Michael Russell (Education & Lifelong Learning), Richard Lochhead (Rural Affairs & the Environment), Fiona Hyslop (Culture & External Affairs), Alex Neil (Infrastructure & Capital Investment) and Bruce Crawford (Parliamentary Business & Government Strategy). Brian Adam is Minister for Parliamentary Business & Chief Whip.    Leader of the Opposition: Iain Gray (Labour).   Presiding Officer: Tricia Marwick.


2007 (3 May) -- Scottish General Election.  73 candidates (32.9%) and 21 Constituency MSPs: Brian Adam (Aberdeen North), Andrew Welsh (Angus), Jim Mather+ (Argyll & Bute), Stewart Stevenson (Banff & Buchan), Kenneth Gibson* (Cunninghame North), Shona Robison (Dundee East), Joe FitzPatrick* (Dundee West), Kenny MacAskill* (Edinburgh East & Musselburgh), Michael Matheson* (Falkirk West), Tricia Marwick* (Fife Central), Nicola Sturgeon* (Glasgow Govan), Alex Salmond+ (Gordon), Fergus Ewing (Inverness East, Nairn & Lochaber), Willie Coffey* (Kilmarnock & Loudoun), Angela Constance* (Livingston), Richard Lochhead (Moray), Keith Brown (Ochil), Roseanna Cunningham (Perth), Bruce Crawford* (Stirling), John Swinney (Tayside North) and Alasdair Allan* (Western Isles). *=gains from Labour. +=gains from Liberal Democrats.

Also 26 Regional List MSPs (31.0%): North-East: Nigel Don & Maureen Watt. Highlands & Islands: Rob Gibson & Dave Thompson. West: Stuart McMillan, Stewart Maxwell, Gil Paterson & Bill Wilson. Glasgow: Bashir Ahmad, Bob Doris, Bill Kidd & Sandra White. Central: Linda Fabiani, Jamie Hepburn, Christina McKelvie, Alex Neil & John Wilson. Mid & Fife: Prof. Chris Harvie. Lothian: Fiona Hyslop,  Dr. Ian McKee & Stefan Tymkewycz. South: Aileen CampbellChristine Grahame, Adam Ingram, Alasdair Morgan & Michael Russell.  Total 21+26 =47.   

ALEX  SALMOND is First Minister and Nicola Sturgeon  Deputy First Minister at head of minority Government. Cabinet Secretaries: Nicola Sturgeon (Health & Wellbeing), John Swinney (Finance & Sustainable Growth), Kenny MacAskill (Justice), Fiona Hyslop (Education & Lifelong Learning) and Richard Lochhead (Rural Affairs & the Environment).  Abdn. Central: KAREN SHIRRON.  Abdn. South: MAUREEN WATT.   Leader of the Opposition: Jack McConnell (Labour).   Presiding Officer: Alex Fergusson.


2003 (1 May) -- Scottish Parliamentary Election. 73 candidates (23.8%) and 9 Constituency MSPs: Brian Adam* (Aberdeen North), Andrew Welsh (Angus), Stewart Stevenson (Banff & Buchan), Shona Robison* (Dundee East), Fergus Ewing (Inverness East, Nairn & Lochaber), Margaret Ewing (Moray), George Reid (Ochil), Roseanna Cunningham (Perth) and John Swinney (Tayside North).        *=gains from Labour.

Also 18 Regional List MSPs (20.9%): North-East: Richard Lochhead. Highlands & Islands: Rob Gibson & Jim Mather. West: Bruce McFee, Campbell Martin & Stewart Maxwell. Glasgow: Nicola Sturgeon & Sandra White. Central: Linda Fabiani, Michael Matheson & Alex Neil. Mid & FifeBruce Crawford & Tricia Marwick. Lothian: Fiona HyslopKenny MacAskill. South: Christine Grahame, Adam Ingram & Alasdair Morgan. Total 9+18 =27.

Abdn. South: MAUREEN WATT. Abdn. Central: RICHARD LOCHHEAD. Labour and Liberal Democrats coalition continues to  govern as the "Scottish Executive", with Jack McConnell as First Minister.  Leader of the Opposition: John Swinney (SNP).   Presiding Officer: George Reid.


1999 (6 May) -- Scottish Parliamentary Election73 candidates (28.7%) and 7 Constituency MSPs: Andrew Welsh (Angus), Alex Salmond (Banff & Buchan), Alasdair Morgan (Galloway & Upper Nithsdale), Fergus Ewing (Inverness East, Nairn & Lochaber), Margaret Ewing (Moray), Roseanna Cunningham (Perth) and John Swinney (Tayside North).

Also 28 Regional List MSPs (27.3%): North-EastBrian Adam, Richard Lochhead, Irene McGugan & Shona Robison. Highlands & Islands: Winifred Ewing & Duncan Hamilton. West: Colin Campbell, Fiona McLeod, Lloyd Quinan & Kay Ullrich. Glasgow: Dorothy-Grace Elder, Kenneth Gibson, Nicola Sturgeon & Sandra White. Central:  Linda Fabiani, Michael MathesonAlex Neil, Gil Paterson & Andrew Wilson. Mid & Fife: Bruce Crawford, Tricia MarwickGeorge Reid. Lothian: Fiona Hyslop, Kenny MacAskill & Margo MacDonald. South: Christine (Creech) Grahame, Adam Ingram & Michael Russell. Total 7+28 =35.

Abdn. North: BRIAN ADAM. Abdn. Central: RICHARD LOCHHEAD. Abdn. South: IRENE McGUGAN. Labour and Liberal Democrats form the "Scottish Executive" with Donald Dewar as First Minister.  Leader of the Opposition: Alex Salmond (SNP).  Presiding Officer: Sir David Steel.


Appendix BMembers of UK Parliament elected in 2015--2019.

2019 (12 Dec.) -- UK General Election: 59 candidates (45.0%) and 48 MPs: Kirsty Blackman (Aberdeen North), Stephen Flynn< (Aberdeen South), Neil Gray (Airdrie & Shotts), Dave Doogan< (Angus), Brendan O’Hara (Argyll & Bute), Allan Dorans< (Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock),  Philippa Whitford (Ayrshire Central), Patricia Gibson (Ayrshire North & Arran), Steven Bonnar* (Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill), Stuart C. McDonald (Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East), Amy Callaghan+ (Dunbartonshire East),  Martin Docherty-Hughes (Dunbartonshire West), Stewart Hosie (Dundee East), Chris Law (Dundee West), Douglas Chapman (Dunfermline & Fife West), Lisa Cameron (East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow), Kenny MacAskill* (East Lothian), Tommy Sheppard  (Edinburgh East), Deidre Brock (Edinburgh North & Leith), Joanna Cherry (Edinburgh South West), John McNally (Falkirk), Alison Thewliss (Glasgow Central),  David Linden (Glasgow East), Patrick Grady (Glasgow North), Anne McLaughlin* (Glasgow North East), Carol Monaghan (Glasgow North West), Stewart M. McDonald (Glasgow South), Chris Stephens (Glasgow South West), Peter Grant (Glenrothes), Richard Thomson< (Gordon), Ronnie Cowan (Inverclyde), Drew Hendry (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey), Alan Brown (Kilmarnock & Loudoun), Neale Hanvey(Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath), Angela Crawley (Lanark & Hamilton East), Martyn Day  (Linlithgow & Falkirk East), Hannah Bardell (Livingston), Owen Thompson* (Midlothian),  Marion Fellows (Motherwell & Wishaw), Angus MacNeil (Na h-Eileanan an Iar), John Nicolson< (Ochil & Perthshire South), Gavin Newlands (Paisley & Renfrewshire North), Mhairi Black (Paisley & Renfrewshire South), Pete Wishart (Perth & Perthshire North), Kirsten Oswald<  (Renfrewshire East), Ian Blackford (Ross, Skye & Lochaber), Margaret Ferrier(Rutherglen & Hamilton West), Alyn Smith< (Stirling). 

*=gains from Labour.    <=gains from Conservatives.     +=gain from Liberal Democrats.

Ian Blackford is Group Leader and Kirsty Blackman Deputy Group Leader.     


2017 (8 Jun.) – UK General Election. 59 candidates (36.9%) and 35 MPs: Kirsty Blackman (Aberdeen North), Neil Gray (Airdrie & Shotts), Brendan O’Hara (Argyll & Bute), Philippa Whitford (Ayrshire Central), Patricia Gibson (Ayrshire North & Arran), Stuart C. McDonald (Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East), Martin Docherty-Hughes (Dunbartonshire West), Stewart Hosie (Dundee East), Chris Law (Dundee West), Douglas Chapman (Dunfermline & Fife West), Lisa Cameron (East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow), Tommy Sheppard  (Edinburgh East), Deidre Brock (Edinburgh North & Leith), Joanna Cherry (Edinburgh South West), John McNally (Falkirk), Stephen Gethins (Fife North East), Alison Thewliss (Glasgow Central), David Linden (Glasgow East), Patrick Grady (Glasgow North), Carol Monaghan (Glasgow North West), Stewart M. McDonald (Glasgow South), Chris Stephens (Glasgow South West), Peter Grant (Glenrothes), Ronnie Cowan (Inverclyde), Drew Hendry (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey), Alan Brown (Kilmarnock & Loudoun), Angela Crawley (Lanark & Hamilton East), Martyn Day (Linlithgow & Falkirk East), Hannah Bardell (Livingston), Marion Fellows (Motherwell & Wishaw), Angus MacNeil (Na h-Eileanan an Iar), Gavin Newlands (Paisley & Renfrewshire North), Mhairi Black (Paisley & Renfrewshire South), Pete Wishart (Perth & Perthshire North), Ian Blackford (Ross, Skye & Lochaber).

Ian Blackford is Group Leader and Kirsty Blackman Deputy Group Leader.


2015 (7 May) UK General Election. 59 candidates (50.0%) and 56 MPs: Kirsty Blackman*  (Aberdeen North), Callum McCaig* (Aberdeen South), Stuart Donaldson+ (Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine), Neil Gray* (Airdrie & Shotts), Michael Weir (Angus), Brendan O’Hara+ (Argyll & Bute), Corri Wilson* (Ayr, Carrick & Cumnock), Philippa Whitford* (Ayrshire Central), Patricia Gibson* (Ayrshire North & Arran), Eilidh Whiteford (Banff & Buchan), Calum Kerr+ (Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk), Paul Monaghan+ (Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross), Phil Boswell* (Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill),  Stuart C. McDonald* (Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch East),  Richard Arkless* (Dumfries & Galloway), John Nicolson+ (Dunbartonshire East), Martin Docherty-Hughes* (Dunbartonshire West), Stewart Hosie (Dundee East),  Chris Law* (Dundee West), Douglas Chapman* (Dunfermline & Fife West), Lisa Cameron* (East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow), George Kerevan* (East Lothian), Tommy Sheppard*  (Edinburgh East), Deidre Brock* (Edinburgh North & Leith), Joanna Cherry* (Edinburgh South West),  Michelle Thomson+ (Edinburgh West), John McNally* (Falkirk), Stephen Gethins+ (Fife North East), Alison Thewliss* (Glasgow Central), Natalie McGarry* (Glasgow East), Patrick Grady* (Glasgow North), Anne McLaughlin* (Glasgow North East), Carol Monaghan* (Glasgow North West), Stewart M. McDonald* (Glasgow South), Chris Stephens* (Glasgow South West),  Peter Grant* (Glenrothes), Alex Salmond+ (Gordon), Ronnie Cowan* (Inverclyde), Drew Hendry+  (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey), Alan Brown* (Kilmarnock & Loudoun), Roger Mullin* (Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath), Angela Crawley* (Lanark & Hamilton East), Martyn Day*  (Linlithgow & Falkirk East), Hannah Bardell* (Livingston), Owen Thompson* (Midlothian), Angus Robertson (Moray), Marion Fellows* (Motherwell & Wishaw), Angus MacNeil (Na h-Eileanan an Iar), Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh* (Ochil & Perthshire South), Gavin Newlands* (Paisley & Renfrewshire North), Mhairi Black* (Paisley & Renfrewshire South), Pete Wishart (Perth & Perthshire North), Kirsten Oswald* (Renfrewshire East), Ian Blackford+ (Ross, Skye & Lochaber), Margaret Ferrier* (Rutherglen & Hamilton West), Steven Paterson* (Stirling).             *=gains from Labour.    +=gains from Liberal Democrats.

Angus Robertson is Group Leader and Stewart Hosie Deputy Group Leader.


Appendix CNational Office-bearers.

President --  Michael Russell.                                                  Local Government Convener -- Kelly Parry.

Leader --  Nicola Sturgeon MSP.                                              Policy Development Convener -- Toni Giugliano.    

Deputy Leader -- Keith Brown MSP.                                        Women's Convener -- Jen Layden.

Business Convener --  Kirsten Oswald MP.                              Equalities Convener -- Kirsteen Fraser.

National Secretary --  Lorna Finn.                                         Member Support Convener -- Jonathan Mackie.

National Treasurer --  Colin Beattie MSP.                                BAME Convener -- Graham Campbell.

Organisation Convener --  Stacy Bradley-Davidson.                Disabled Members' Convener -- Jamie Szymkowiak.



National Executive Committee: Danny Aston, Eleanor Bird, Christina Cannon, Tracy Carragher, Ian Cockburn, Rob Davidson, Kirsty Jarvis, Alex Kerr, Findlay MacGregor, Graeme McCormick, Laura Mitchell, Siobhan Tolland, Sophie Traynor and Maureen Watt. Chris Law MP and Alison Thewliss MP.

Conferences Committee:  Malcolm Balfour, Declan Blench, Laura Doherty, Chris Hanlon, Emma Hendrie, Patrick Grady MP, Anouk Kloppert, Fiona Robertson, Munro Ross and Kairin van Sweeden.  

Policy Development Committee:  Ann Ballinger, Alexander Belic, Shelly-Ann Brown, Peter Cairns, Summer Chen, Lynne Copland, Ian Gallagher, Qaiser Habib, Chris Hanlon, Mhairi Love, Russell McLean, Cameron McManus, Timothy Rideout, Stephen Thompson and Susan Wilkinson.

Member Conduct Committee:  Malcolm Balfour, Ann Ballinger, Declan Blench, Sinead Collins, Graham Leadbitter, Fiona Robertson, Owen Thompson MP, Ruth Watson and Elaine Wylie.

Conduct Appeals Committee:  Kenneth Andrew, Marco Biagi, Michael Blackshaw, Roderick Campbell, Summer Chen, Ewan Hamilton and Lachlan McNeill.

(Elected on 29 Nov. 2021).


Appendix D:   Aberdeen City Councillors elected in 2007--2017.

2017 (4 May) - Local Government ElectionsAberdeen City Council (45 members). 19 cllrs.: NEIL MacGREGOR & GILLIAN AL-SAMARAI (Dyce, Bucksburn & Danestone), SANDY STUART & ALISON ALPHONSE (Bridge of Don), DAVID CAMERON (Kingswells, Sheddocksley & Summerhill), JACKIE DUNBAR & CIARAN McRAE (Northfield & Mastrick North), NEIL COPLAND (Hilton, Woodside & Stockethill), JIM NOBLE & ALEX McLELLAN (Tillydrone, Seaton & Old Aberdeen), BILL CORMIE (Midstocket & Rosemount), MICHAEL HUTCHISON & DELL HENRICKSON (George Street & Harbour), JOHN COOKE (Hazlehead, Ashley & Queen's Cross), GORDON TOWNSON (Airyhall, Broomhill & Garthdee), CHRISTIAN ALLARD & CATRIONA MACKENZIE (Torry & Ferryhill), STEPHEN FLYNN (Group Leader) & ALEX NICOLL (Kincorth, Nigg & Cove). Labour forms administration with Con. and Ind. members.


2012 (3 May) - Local Government Elections. Aberdeen City Council (43 members). 15 cllrs.: NEIL MacGREGOR & GILLIAN AL-SAMARAI (Dyce, Bucksburn & Danestone), MURIEL JAFFREY & SANDY STUART (Bridge of Don), DAVID CAMERON (Kingswells & Sheddocksley), JACKIE DUNBAR (Northfield), KIRSTY BLACKMAN nee West (Hilton & Stockethill), JIM NOBLE (Tillydrone, Seaton & Old Aberdeen), BILL CORMIE (Midstocket & Rosemount), ANDY MAY (George Street & Harbour), JOHN CORALL (Hazlehead, Ashley & Queen's Cross), GORDON TOWNSON (Airyhall, Broomhill & Garthdee), JIM KIDDIE & GRAHAM DICKSON (Torry & Ferryhill) and CALLUM McCAIG (Group Leader) (Kincorth & Loirston). Labour forms administration with Con. and Ind. members.


2007 (3 May) - Local Government Elections. Aberdeen City Council (43 members). 12 cllrs.: MARK McDONALD (Dyce, Bucksburn & Danestone), MURIEL JAFFREY (Bridge of Don), WENDY STUART (Kingswells & Sheddocksley), KEVIN STEWART (Group Leader) & JACKIE DUNBAR (Northfield), KIRSTY WEST (Hilton & Stockethill), JIM NOBLE (Tillydrone, Seaton & Old Aberdeen), BILL CORMIE (Midstocket & Rosemount), ANDY MAY (George Street & Harbour), JOHN WEST (Hazlehead, Ashley & Queen's Cross), JIM KIDDIE (Torry & Ferryhill) and CALLUM McCAIG (Kincorth & Loirston). Elections were held using STV voting system. SNP enters into coalition with Liberal Democrat group. Kevin Stewart is Depute Council leader.  John West is Depute Provost.


The National Party Of Scotland 1928-1934

The NPS was the product of the amalgamation of four diverse organisations which were all in favour of some form of Scottish self-government: (1) Glasgow University Scottish Nationalist Association (GUSNA). Formed in late September 1927 by John M. MacCormick, with the support of fellow students James Valentine and T. Ferguson Rodger; (2) Scottish Home Rule Association (SHRA). Founded in Edinburgh by Charles Waddie in May 1886. Shortly after, Robert B. Cunninghame Graham became its president, and it was revived by Roland E. Muirhead in 1918. (3) Scots National League (SNL). Founded in London by Ruaraidh Erskine of Mar in 1920. Its members included father and son William and Iain Gillies, Angus Clark, Tom H. Gibson and the poet Hugh MacDiarmid (Christopher M. Grieve); (4) Scottish National Movement (SNM). Edinburgh-based, led by the journalist and poet Lewis Spence, and including Wendy Wood.

An inspirational item appeared in the Scots Independent, the journal of the Scots National League. In his article entitled "Scotland's need: a national party", Iain Gillies urged the various groups campaigning for home rule to coalesce into one effective political party. John M. MacCormick and GUSNA concluded that this should take place without delay, and set about organising a get-together in Glasgow of all the interested groups. On Saturday, 11 February 1928, the initial meeting was presided over by the veteran writer, journalist and adventurer Robert B. Cunninghame Graham. After further conferences, it was agreed, in April, to establish the National Party of Scotland. Roland E. Muirhead was elected Chairman, and notable early members of the new party included the English-born novelist Compton Mackenzie and artist Wendy Wood, the scholar Oliver Brown and William Gillies, the first editor of the Scots Independent in Nov.1926.  The formal inauguration took place in King's Park, Stirling on Saturday, 23 June 1928, on the same day as the first annual Bannockburn Rally. The main speakers were Robert B. Cunninghame Graham (pictured in Stirling, 1931), Lewis Spence and Hugh MacDiarmid.


The Scottish Party 1932-34

Founded in November 1932, it was led by the lawyer J. Kevan McDowall. The SP had grown from a home-rule faction which had broken away from the Glasgow Cathcart Conservative Association. Although small in number, it had succeeded in recruiting the former Provost of Inverness Sir Alexander MacEwen, law professor Andrew Dewar Gibb, the 6th Duke of Montrose and ex-army officer Colin Gilchrist. Other less known members were the journalists R. D. Anderson (editor of the Daily Record) and George Malcolm Thomson. John MacCormick was quick to realise that this new party might progress to compete with the NPS for home-rule votes, so a merger was desirable. There was also the prospect of a welcome infusion of much-needed funds and well-known figures from the smaller party.

The aristocratic Duke of Montrose had been a speaker at the NPS's big rally in St. Andrew's Hall, Glasgow on 29 October 1928 and, like the novelist Neil Gunn, proved to be a valuable bridge-builder between the two parties. In order to facilitate the union -- and allay any lingering misgivings that may have been harboured by their new friends -- the NPS expelled about 20% of its more "extreme" members, includlng fundamentalists like Iain Gillies and neo-communists like Hugh MacDiarmid, in May 1933. Even then, some of the assorted Tories and Liberals in the SP retained some disapproval of the leftish tendencies of their potential partners. However, all that was put aside on Thursday, 14 December 1933 when, after meeting in Glasgow's Hillhead Burgh Hall,  the two parties agreed to join forces.


The SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY is founded in 1934                                                               

The birth of the Scottish National Party took place on Saturday, 7 April 1934. The date chosen by the organisers was closest to the anniversary of the signing of the 1320 Treaty of Arbroath, on April 6.

The SNP's first conference was very low-key and a decidedly modest affair. The main auditorium of Glasgow's St. Andrew's Hall  (pictured)  could seat 4,500, but the founders of the new party chose to meet in the upstairs Mid Hall. This could hold 300, but only a handful of people were actually there to witness the historic launch. In order to minimise the possibility of dissenting voices at the marriage of the two parties, the organisers had billed the meeting as "private" and by invitation only. It appears no press reporters or photographers were there either. Considering that any efforts to radically improve the government of Scotland were of little interest to the news media of the time -- just like 80 years later -- this isn't particularly surprising. Note that "self-government" seems to have replaced "home rule" as the favoured term for the constitutional change the SNP was aiming for. However, John MacCormick re-adopted the older label when he set up his Scottish Convention eight years later. 

The founding office-bearers were:--  Hon. President - Robert B. Cunninghame Graham;  President - the Duke of Montrose;  Vice-Presidents - Annie S. Swan (Mrs. Burnett Smith) and Miss F. Marian McNeill;   Chairman - Sir Alexander MacEwen;  Vice-Chairmen - Andrew Dewar Gibb and Duncan H. McNeill;   National Secretary - John M. MacCormick;  Assistant Secretary - Robert Gray;   Organising Secretary - John M. McNicol;   Secretary for Overseas - J. Kevan McDowall;   Hon. Treasurer - Harold Browne CA;   Convener of Publications Committee - Dr. C. Stewart Black;   Convener of Press & Publicity Committee - Robert Hurd;   Editor of "Scots Independent" - John L. Kinloch;   Member of Council - Roland E. Muirhead.

Some of the new committee were elected in absentia. For instance, Robert B. Cunninghame Graham was not able to attend. The executive contained brother and sister Duncan and Marian McNeill from Orkney, while Robert Hurd was the uncle of Douglas Hurd, the English Tory MP and co-author of Scotch On The Rocks. John MacCormick probably composed the lengthy press release for the Glasgow Herald. It begins with an assurance that the marriage of the NPS and the Scottish Party had been brought about by mutual consent, and that the "fusion" would be a success. The following is the first part of the article published on April 9th. There were also some detailed policy statements, but no photographs:-

The first annual conference of the Scottish National Party, which was brought into being by the fusion of the National Party of Scotland with the Scottish Party, was held in St Andrew's Mid Hall, Glasgow on Saturday, when the new constitution was approved and office-bearers were appointed. Sir Alexander MacEwen, Inverness, was appointed chairman of the united body. 

Sir Alexander MacEwen, in opening the conference, it was reported, said that it was an historic day in the Scottish national movement. The fusion of the two parties was not brought about by pressure or by personal intrigue, but was a spontaneous movement resulting from the desire of people of different shades of opinion to work together for the cause of self-government. The more they came together, the more it was borne in upon them that, whatever their differences might be, they were differences of detail and not differences of principle. The fusion of the National and Scottish parties marked a new stage in the national movement. They had decided to take a big step forward towards their real objective, which was self-government for Scotland.
Any differences that might still exist between the members of the former parties were differences arising from point of view or particular environment and did not affect the one quest on which they were all centred. There had been complete agreement between the two parties as to the personnel of the new offices and as to the general policy which they were to pursue. On both sides, there had been a disposition to sink all minor personal questions and to concentrate on the task of working out a programme of national reconstruction. They believed that they had not only to convince the people of Scotland of the need of self-government, but they had to present them with a practical programme of reconstruction. The policy which had been formulated showed that the new Scottish National Party was embarking on its task in a broad spirit, and with a determination to make a practical contribution to the industrial, agricultural, economic and social problems of their country. 
The conference adopted a revised constitution which states the object of the party as being 'self-government for Scotland, as a partner in the British Empire with the same status as England, to develop its national life to the fullest advantage'. The delegates adopted as an outline of the economic policy of the party a pamphlet entitled Scottish Reconstruction, prepared by Sir Alexander MacEwen, Mr. John M. MacCormick and Mr. Tom H. Gibson. The pamphlet states that 'the establishment of a Parliament in Scotland, which shall be the final authority on all Scottish affairs, including taxation and finance,' is rightly declared to be the first principle of the party's declaration of political faith. The party believes that questions like the development of industry and agriculture, unemployment, hours and conditions of labour, housing, health, town and regional planning, land settlement, fishing, banking and finance, liquor laws and other matters must be dealt with fearlessly and with the sole object of the greatest good of the greatest number.
Dealing with industry and unemployment, the pamphlet states that the first necessity is a scientific survey of Scottish industry which would take note of the following matters:- which industries are suitable to the country and fully organized according to modern ideas; industries requiring re-organization; stimulation of new industries particularly in rural areas; how to arrest the 'drift south'; finances for industrial development; effect of tariffs, quotas, etc.; marketing, both home and export; effect of rating and taxation on industry; scientific research generally in relation to agriculture and industrial development.


This timeline history of the SNP was begun by Stuart West in July 2010, at the same time as the launch of the Aberdeen SNP website. Thorough research has been undertaken to guarantee its accuracy -- and it is constantly revised and updated as new information comes to hand.